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Practical Experience Counts


GZ Art+Design 2008 1


What seems practically impossible in Germany is no problem at all in England. Here, applicants can apply for a postgraduate course based on their previous practical knowledge and experience and end up with a Master's degree. Master goldsmith Christine Graf took up this opportunity and graduated with a Master's degree with distinction from Birmingham last year. Following her professional exams, she attended numerous jewelry seminars run by Erico Nagai at the Munich Academy of Design. This was considered an adequate level of study for the University of Birmingham to admit her to a postgraduate course: "The university recognized my practical diplomas in craftsmanship and courses in design as the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in design," explains Christine Graf. Her application was based on a study of the form of bowls; she was then interviewed and accepted. This year of overseas study was just right for her: "Studying for a degree in Germany would have taken too long as my comprehensive knowledge would not be recognized as sufficient to curtail the length of my studies". The Chamber of Trade for Munich and Oberbayern awarded her a 'Stages Européens an Alternance dans les Métiers' scholarship (SESAM), which helped her to finance this year abroad. www.hwk-muenchen.de * cete

Design for Brides



'Unbridaled' is one of the wedding initiatives by Crystalized - Swarovski Elements. On January 23, the crystal manufacturer will open an exhibition of accessories, jewelry and fashion encrusted with the synthetic stones in the Hotel de la Monnale in Paris. All pieces are dedicated to the most beautiful day in life, exude glamour and ensure romantic impressions. The best creative talents were selected in order to marry tradition with avant-garde and to produce unique artworks. Among others, Vera Wang, Phillip Lim and Erickson Beamon took part in the show. John Gallano created the singular wedding dress. The fairytale individual pieces were kept for posterity in a decorative picture book, which will be published to mark the Haute Couture Défilé. * ahe

Star Designer in the GIA



One of the most in-demand j0ewelry designers in Hollrywood is exhi1biting an extravagant brooch in the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California. Ricardo Basta's brooch collection are multi-faceted pieces with intensely colored gemstones and a wealth of artistic details. One of the most excellent pieces is the 'Dragon brooch' made of 18 karat gold, combined with platinum and encrusted with choice stones. Fire opals, diamonds, garnets and hand-carved mother of pearl lend the dragon a high-profile appearance. Another special feature: the beard hairs are made of genuine elephant hair. "We are honored to have Ricardo's collection on display," said Elise Mislorowski, director of the GIA Museum. "He is rare among jewelers because of his training in traditional European methods of working with precious metals, particularly platinum. He is recognized as one of the premiere platinum jewelry designers in the country." The Basta brooches will be on show in the GIA until March 2008. www.gia.edu * cete

The Tree of Life



Brazilian jewelry manufacturer Vancox has recently launched a collection with fellow Brazilian, graphic designer and artist Marcelle Lawson-Smith. The latter has been living in London since 1996 and has made a name for herself here as a versatile designer of pictures, film sets, clothes, brand logos, events and lots more. Her collection for Vancox is all about the oak. Her stylized tree with no leaves stands for man's internal withdrawal in winter which comes to an end with the new growth of the trees in spring. The tree is also a symbol for the idea of re-birth. Her tree containing colored gemstones represents the fruits of life which can be enjoyed for a long time. An oak decorated with diamonds also stands for the eternity of the universe. www.vancox.com * ahe

Seeing Dragons in the Clouds

Seeing Dragons in the Clouds is a fascinating exhibition taking place from 1st February - 30th March at the Hub: National Centre for Craft & Design in Lincolnshire, England. The traveling exhibition organized by The Harley Gallery and curated by Brochoka Baynes celebrates the artistic imagination. We have all looked at the sky and transformed the shapes of clouds into imaginary beasts and objects and this exhibition highlights nine very different artistic visions and their ability to see something magical in the ordinary and the everyday.

The artists were chosen because of the way they alight on seemingly humdrum materials to create their work. All of the exhibits were specially commissioned for the exhibition and cover printmaking (Chila Burman, Peter and Linda Green), sculpture (Helen Dennerley, Lizzie Farey, Robert Callendar), jewellery (Nora Fok), textiles (Heidi Daish) and digital art (Leo Hill). www.thehubcentre.org * ahe

Friedrich Becker Prize to be Awarded for the Fourth Time



The Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V. Hanau awards the Friedrich Becker Prize for the fourth time in 2008. Named after the creative work of Friedrich Becker, the inventor of kinetic jewelry, the prize was founded by his widow, Hildegard Becker. Awarded every three years, it carries an endowment of 5,000 euro. This year's jury, which will meet on 31 March, includes Professor Dr. Florian Hufnagl (Chief Collection Director, Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich), Klaus Jürgen Maack (ERCO Leuchten GmbH, Lüdenscheid), Susanne Veltins (Braurei Veltins, Meschede) and Hildegard Becker (no vote, Düsseldorf). Gold and silversmiths, jewelry and metal artists from Germany and abroad are entitled to participate. The submitted works, unique specimens or prototypes for series should be in gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel exclusively, diamonds, gemstones, pearls/glass and synthetic stones are permitted as additions. The works must reach the organizer between 12 and 19 March 2008. The award ceremony will be held at Schloss Jägerhof, Düsseldorf, on 31 May. www.gfg-hanau.de * cete

From Augsburg to Moscow to Augsburg


Tazza for Czar Alexel Mikhailovich Augsburg, appr. 1650, silver, hammered, cast, chased, engraved, gilt from the goldsmith Jakob II Planck


Over seventy examples of finest Augsburg gold and silversmith work created between the 16th and 18th centuries are leaving the armory of the Kremlin in Moscow for the first time in over three centuries and returning to the place in which they were created. From 24 February to 1 June 2008 the Maximilianmuseum Augsburg will display a portion of these opulent diplomatic gifts under the title 'Czarist silver - Augsburg silver from the Kremlin'. Many of the Augsburg treasures made their way to the court of the Russian czars as diplomatic gifts of European royalty. The unique aspect of the exhibition concept is the fact that it focuses upon the circumstances under which the gifts of the Danish, Swedish and Polish kings, as well as the German Holy Roman emperors, were made to the czars. The missions of the respective European ambassadors were often highly adventurous, difficult and dangerous. The records that they wrote of their journeys impart a similarly detailed and exciting image of their travels as the insight offered by the cups, tankards and drinking nefs into the table habits of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. www.zarensilber.de * cete

Creative Young Talent at the Blickfang

From March 7 to 9, the 16th Blickfang Design Show in the Liederhalle in Stuttgart will present roughly 200 young furniture, jewelry and fashion designers from throughout Europe. The City Corner is seen as a special highlight of the sales exhibition, this time brining ten designers from Sydney to Stuttgart. Visited by over 18,000 interested parties last year, the Blickfang is the largest design event of this kind in Germany. "Discovering talents, becoming personally acquainted with designers and at the same time networking the history, development and ideas behind the individual objects - this is the coup de grace for the visitors," is how Dreter Hofmann, founder and organizer of the Blickfang, describes it. In view of the fact that contemplation is a basic precondition for good design, renowned speakers from the fields of design and architecture will provide food for thought on all three days of the event. As a talent scout in its own right, the Blickfang offers young design students the opportunity to win presentation space at the show and therefore to test the feasibility, market value and sales potency of their ideas in a direct dialogue with their audience.

Designer jewelry, among others by Gabriela Uphaus, will be on show at the Blickfang in Stuttgart

Increasing numbers of visitors are interested in a designer's career development. This is why several design colleges provide information on their programs and courses of studies at the event. They also offer selected students the opportunity to present their graduation work to a broader public. In addition, design prizes in gold, silver and bronze are awarded by a specialist jury in cooperation with the Design Center Stuttgart. The next Blickfang show will be held in Vienna from October 17 1o 19. This is followed by dates in Tokyo (October 29 to November 2) and Zurich (November 21 to 23). www.blickfang.com * ahe

'Timetales' Exhibition at Inhorgenta 2008


Ted Noten, Suitcase for a Retired Jewellery Maker. Suitcase, 2003. Tools cast in acrylic, chrome plastic handle. Artist's collection


A large part of the international 'Lucca Preziosa - Timetales' exhibition will be on display at Inhorgenta 2008 in Munich. The exhibition deals with the themes of time and memory. It has already been on display for four months at the Spanish Museu Tèxtil I d'Indumentària (Barcelona) and features works by well-known international jewelry artists such as Giampaolo Babetto, Eija Mustonen, Ted Noten and Katja Prins. The 'Lucca Preziosa - Timetales' exhibition was designed and organized by the Le Arti Orafe design school based in Florence, Italy. Inhorgenta Munich, February 15 to 18, 2008, Hall C2. 100/500. www.luccapreziosa.it * cete

Creative Abundance


Mari Ishikawa, Musubi, brooch, 2005. Silver goldplated, Japanese Kozopaper, Japanese Laquer. Artist's collection


Every two years the School of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) n Texas stages the international jewelry competition 'Refined'. This year's theme for the competition which offers a prize of 1500 dollars - is 'Refined:Abundance', juror is Charon Kransen, a gallery owner from New York City. The competition is open to all jewelry designers able to offer original works on the theme of 'Abundance' that have been created in the last two years. Innovative elements and the incorporation of abundance in the form and concept of the jewelry are criteria for participation in the exhibition. The selected works will be exhibited at the Old Opera House in Nacogdoches, Texas, from 25 January to 7 March 2008. www.art.sfasu.edu * cete

Treasure of Polish Jeweler's Art

The publishing house Polska Bizuteria has organized the competition 'Treasure of Polish jeweler's art' for the sixth time already. Users of the website www.pb.info.pl voted on the most beautiful pieces of Polish jeweler's art. The number of pieces submitted for the competition may well have been a record - in total, 59 firms and designers sent in 82 pieces, all of which had to be assessed. Roughly 15,000 votes were cast during the 35-day election period.

Marcin Wesolowski

Marek Mikicki

Andrzej Bielak

Three pieces were selected as treasures for the coming year: Marek Mikicki with the ring 'Dama modern' (modern woman), Andrzej Bielak with the wedding rings 'Zebro Adama' (Adam's rib) and the firm New Amber Collection Marcin Wesolowski with the pendant 'It will be wine'.

The ring by Marek Mikicki will also adorn the cover of the annual catalogue Polska Bizuteria 2008. Jewelry by Pawel Kaczynski, Malgorzata Wasowska, the firm Paragon, Jacek Ostrowski and Anna Horsecka made it into the top ten in the favor of the Internet users. www.polskabizuteria.pl * ahe

Jewelry From Far Away Lands



The German Goldsmiths' House in Hanau will be presenting another exhibition of jewelry from outside of Europe entitled Beauty and Magic - Jewelry from Far-Away Lands. Collector Ute Wittich and her husband Bernhard Jäger have been interested in ethnic jewelry for almost thirty years. Their passion for collecting began on a journey through Tunisia when they saw the women, in a desperate situation, selling their jewelry at a bazaar. To save some of these treasures from being melted down and to make her own contribution to preserving the local culture, Ute Wittich bought some of these items which then formed the basis for her current collection. One of the focal points of the collection is the jewelry of the Miao tribe, one of South East Asia's largest mountain tribes. This tribe is distributed over a total of five countries and can be found in particular in the South-West of China. Silversmithing plays an important role in the Miao culture and is traditionally a male activity. The exhibition combines jewelry from this culture with items from Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Afghanistan, India, the South Seas and other parts of Africa and Asia. The exhibition can be seen until April, 6 and is closed on Mondays. www.gfo-hanau.dewww.museen-hanau.de * ahe

A Different Slant on Porcelain


Ineke Otte, necklace 'Mill'

Mecky van den Brink


Have you ever worn a plate or even an entire tea set around your neck? Two Dutch designers have enabled this and are presenting humorous and unusual jewelry collections made of porcelain. The collection 'Made in Holland' by the industrial and jewelry designer Ineke Otte conjures up wonderful miniature windmills on green, synthetic lawns, clogs, thimbles, the aforementioned tea set to be worn around the neck. Fine blue and white porcelain in the form of typical Dutch 'national symbols' is suspended from a string of pearls or rowed lovingly on a textile strap in the Dutch national colors. 'Made in Holland' pokes fun at itself, is humorous and most certainly an eye catcher. Mecky van den Brink also transforms finest tableware into artistic jewelry. The qualified textile designer combines an authentic shard of a plate with laminated color copies with the same pattern to create sculpture as necklace jewelry. The contradictions between light and heavy, original and copy lend the unique necklaces a particularly playful touch. And the coup de grace: when purchasing a plate necklace, the buyer also receives a complete plate with the same design. www.inekeotte.nlwww.meckyvandenbrink.com * cete

Pearls as a Symbol of Love, Luck and Friendship



The Dusseldorf-based Elb gallery will be exhibiting pearl jewelry by Nadia El Aidy in its 'Geschickt gestrickt - verfrickelt gewickelt' exhibition from 1st March to 30th May. "Pearls are a symbol of love, luck and friendship in different cultures. I therefore decided to incorporate pearls into my bracelets, given their significance. To me, they represent something living and their color, form and structure change depending on how the light falls on them. My woven bracelets with their net-like structure seem to trap, carry and protect the pearls. I derive my inspiration from the formability of the woven silver threads. It's like a game, toying with the different possibilities the material offers," says the artist of her ideas. www.galerie-elb.de * ahe

Indutherm Expands Its MC Range of Mini-Casting Devices

The MC 15 mini-casting device, designed by Indutherm with jewelers and small workshops in mind, is also proving popular in larger jewelry-making companies thanks to its versatility and short processing times. Some well-known jewelry manufacturers have bought the complete range of these small casting machines which they use alongside their other machines for individual items, particular requests, special alloys and especially platinum casting. The capacity of approx. 130 g Au/18 kt and maximum flask size of 80 mm Ø / 80 mm high is usually adequate for these jobs.

Indutherm is now looking to meet the requirements of many users with a somewhat larger version of the device, the MC 50, which will be presented at Baselworld. This machine is suitable for small series productions of gold and silver jewelry. The capacity per casting stands at around 400 g Au/18 kt while the cuvette size of 80 mm Ø / 125 mm high allows for small casting trees. An MC 200 model with an ever greater capacity and performance is also being developed which will also function based on the same tilting principle.

When asked whether they represent a real rival to the large vacuum pressure casting machines, Peter Hofmann of Indutherm explains: "The classic two-chamber casting device continues to be economically more viable for ongoing casting production, for example for silver and gold jewelry - this simply boils down to the larger flasks. Even the 'small' VC 400 offers a considerably higher daily production than the MC 200. Our new versions fill a gap in the range of models. The better graduated our program, the easier it is for each and every customer to find the optimal solution for them." www.indutherm.de * vr

Lifestyle Brand Focuses on Social Responsibility

When shopping, more and more people are checking that the products they buy are environmentally-friendly and are not associated with human exploitation. Ethical issues are also becoming increasingly important when purchasing jewelry. The young jewelry brand 'noën' bases its jewelry on modern design as well as responsibility - starting with the purchase of the raw materials, right through to production and marketing. Claudia and Maite Schindler hope to set new standards with their idea. "Our aim with the brand is to treat the environment with care and respect and to create a partnership with the people who work for us, ensuring them a fair wage and fair progression."

The unusual thing about the 'noën' brand is that it only uses ecologically mined gold from the certified Jujuy mine in North-West Argentina. The precious metal is extracted here without the use of chemicals such as mercury or cyanide. Noën also uses certified diamonds. Claudia Schindler explains: "We are taking responsibility for the world in which we live. In this way, our vision can become a reality." The jewelry is intended to change the wearer's view of the world and increase awareness. www.noen.com * ahe

Prize for Unusual Jewelry Design

February 24th, 2008 marks the closing date for entries to the 'sofresh the jewelry award by Pierre Lang' competition. This prize for unusual jewelry design is aimed at jewelry, fashion or product designers from Europe as well as students and apprentices in their last year of training. The prize money stands at 10,000 euros. www.sofreshaward.com * ahe

New Trade Fair for Designer Jewelry

This new trade fair for designer jewelry gemstones, pearls and watches is called 'IsarGold'. It will be taking place from 5th to 7th September 2008 in an unusual atmosphere on the Praterinsel island in Munich. 'IsarGold' is a completely new trade fair event and offers a last chance for shoppers, especially those from the region, to place their orders before the beginning of the busiest sales period of the year. The exhibition ranges from sophisticated manufacturing to small and experimental craft operations. Renowned designers, commercial manufacturers and interested suppliers will present an exclusive selection and current insight into the jewelry of the moment. www.messe-isargold.de * ahe

System Innovation

Following the introduction of the vari or product line onto the market at the start of December, Heimerle + Meule will be presenting its latest new products and developments at the Spring trade fairs. Vari'or offers wedding ring manufacturers and designers the option of incorporating the complex characteristics of multi-colored rings into one product thanks to a special new procedure. This service partner to jewelry manufacturers is now also offering preciously unforeseen possibilities where platinum is concerned. A new multi-substance alloy, labeled as Pt952Wru, means that processing can take place using the same tools as for gold and silver alloys.

Complete cooling and the simple modification of the cutting data are all that are required. Standstill times for monocrystal diamond tools are significantly higher than for two-substance materials. The material is also suitable for all kinds of settings, for producing tension rings and for bright engraving. Both the platinum alloy and products in the vari'or range are offered as tubes for ring blanks and profile ring blanks.

The new colors in the Colorit range should also inspire creative design. This broad-ranging palette of colors ranges from natural earth tones to shimmering reds and greens in the Pearl range. The various shades can also be mixed together. Since January, Heimerle + Meule have been represented by a subsidary brance in Austria as part of their international representation. A comprehensive range of semi-finished and electroplated products can be purchased from this partner company at Dr. Erich Bauer GmbH in Vienna. www.heimerle-meule.com * samo

The Amberif Amber Trade Fair

The Amberif international trade fair for amber, jewelry and gemstones - the world's largest and most important trade fair for amber - is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. During this time, it has developed an excellent reputation on the international amber scene. The fair attracts specialists, gallery owners, scientists and journalists interested in amber from all over the world. The organizers' decision to ban any fakes and imitations has certainly contributed to this success. The decision has helped to strengthen Amberif's position as well as guaranteeing the high quality of the goods on offer here.

Daria Jankowiak

Pawel Kacynski

Paulina Binek

For the last 12 years, Amberif has been holding an international competition for amber jewelry design - the Amberif Design Award (Elektronos). The last competition attracted 80 designers from 12 countries. The jury for the competition includes well-known faces from the international world of jewelry and design. The Mercurius Gedanensis competition also held here may be less important, but is certainly no less interesting. This competition is open to all exhibitors. The products on show at Amberif fall into three categories: amber, jewelry and a technical pavilion for jewelry machines, tools and packaging.

Amber is a popular material in Poland and is particularly valued for its plasticity, diverse colors and warmth Little wonder then that it is so popular with jewelry designers. Amberif is the best and most well-known platform for presenting the latest amber creations. Traditionally, this fossilized resin has always been combined with silver, although artists often come up with other surprising solutions last year, the well-known Gdansk-based designer Paulina Binek even combined amber with felt. www.amberif.plwww.amber.com.pl * as

Lee Marshall Wins MJSA 2007 Innovation Award

Lee Marshall has developed a new line of products that is already improving not only the productivity but the health of metalsmiths. The Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) has recognized one of the new products, a blanking die saw called the Precision Saw Guide 2, with a 2007 Innovation Award. A typical hazard for all jewelers is the ubiquitous sternum dent. It's the painful spot developed by all jewelers as they compress a saw frame between their chest and the bench to tighten every saw blade. This is just one of the problems solved by Marshall's Precision Saw Guide 2, on which the blade tensioning occurs by turning a knurled knob on the top of the upper blade clamp. The most aggravating problem jewelers experience when sawing metal is constant sawblade breakage.

The Precision Saw Guide 2 significantly reduces blade breakage in two ways. First, the frame is designed for extreme rigidity, with vertical alignment incorporated into the frame itself. This rigidity ensures the blade will not deviate from perfect vertical alignment. Second, a brass hold-down pin prevents metal from binding and jumping another cause of broken sawblades. The hold-down pin also provides guidance and support to the blade itself, allowing more pressure to be applied to the blade. Jim Binnion of James Binnion Metal Arts in Bellingham, Washington and an MJSA Innovation Awards judge says, "The saw frame is in alignment with the work in such a way that you can make precision cuts by hand cuts that previously were attainable only with a machine tool. This is a tool for someone like me - a small jewelry designer who is trying to do limited scale production but doesn't have a lot of money to sink into tools." www.knewconcepts.com * ahe

Twist Drill with Tooth System for Titanium Processing



Titanium is currently a fashionable material in the jewelry industry. The difficulty is that it is hard to process due to its robust nature. The material is hard to cut and therefore places a great deal of stress on the tools involved. The hard metal drill with Xti tooth system from BUSCH offers a solution. The special staggered tooth system is characterized by its deep chip spacing. As such, it can easily stand up to the penetration resistance of titanium, thereby avoiding any excess heat build-up which can easily lead to undesirable oxide formation on the surface. www.busch.eu * ahe

The Song of the Stars

The German winners of the 5th edition of the Tahitian Pearl Trophy have been chosen. Over 70 emerging artists took part in the competition and submitted imaginative creations on the topic 'The song of the stars'. The jury was composed of the renowned German TV presenter Nina Ruge, the Vogue editor Christiane Arp, Tani Miglietti and Jean-Christophe Jourde from Estée Lauder, the photographers Andreas Mierswa and Markus Kluska, who have risen to prominence through their work for the DTC, and the GZ editors in chiefs Inge Priebe and Axel Henselder. It was a tough choice for them, especially as the designs were initially only available in the form of sketches. It was not until the jury had made a preliminary selection of ideas that they were skillfully created in reality. The Vice President of the Central Association of German Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewelers, Uta Werner Dick, and the event organizer, Rita-Graciela Werner, from the agency Amada Galore then decided on the final winners on the basis of their crafts skill.

Yasmin Mirza-Zadeh

Alfonso Anzivino

The winners will be officially honored by Martin Coeroli Temehameharii, Managing Director of Perles de Tahiti, at the inhorgenta in Munich, Hall  C1, on February 15, from 12.30 to 1.30 p.m. The Ring category was won by Uwe Schlappner, while the 2nd and 3rd places went to Esther Berberich and Mieko Suzuki Wanner. The design by Michael Berger was selected in the category Jewelry for Men. Alfonso Anzivino will take the laurel wreath in the category Necklace, followed by Uwe Schlappner and Viola Schwalm. The Set category was won by Regina Hiestand, while Viola Schwalm came in second place. Margit Auffanger only secured second place in the Pendant category, while Esther Berberich won the third spot. Yasmin Mirza-Zadeh received the top spot for her brooch designs, while Mari Ishikawa secured the second and Andrea Bretz-Leicht the third prize. In the category Arm Jewelry, only Andrea Armbruster was honored with a second position. This was also true of the accessories, where the idea by Gabriele Gote came top. In the Earring category, Margit Auffanger was most convincing, followed by Yasmin-Mirza-Zadeh. Andrea Bretz-Leicht was awarded second position in the category Special Prize. All top positions will take part in the international competition for the Tahitian Pearl Trophy. www.perlesdetahiti.net * ahe

Impressive Collection Documents the Changes in Jewelry


'ornament as art - Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston' Cindi Strauss Text in English ISBN 978-3-89790-273-2 Arnoldsche Art Publishers


There is scarcely any other jewelry collection beyond that of the gallery owner Helen Williams Drutt that presents the manifest changes in the perception of jewelry between the 1960s, and the present date in such a vivid manner. Jewelry has distanced itself from the priority of material value, instead moving toward an artistic context that encompasses painting, sculpture and architecture. Helen Williams Drutt founded her gallery - in the meantime world famous - in Philadelphia, specializing in jewelry and ceramics. The wonderful publication 'ornament as art - avant-garde jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts' by Cindi Strauss, curator for contemporary art handicraft and design at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, presents the complete illustrated inventory of the collection, as well as a selection of over 200 objects. The high quality design of the sleeve (an optical and haptical experience), the impressive selection of images and expert analysis of Cindi Strauss make this publication from the Arnoldsche Art Publishers truly unique. The book appears as an accompaniment to the traveling exhibition of the same name, which will be in Washington D.C. from March to July 2008, in Charlotte, NC, from August-January 2009 and from June to September 2009 in Tacoma, WA. www.arnoldsche.com * cete

Constant Rejuvenation: Glass and Jewelry


'GlassWear - Glass in Contemporary Jewelry' Ursula Ilse-Neumann, Cornelie Holzach, Jutta Page Text in German and English ISBN 978-3-89790-274-9 Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Wendy Ramshaw, necklace 'Glass Tears'


Glass occupied a special role in jewelry design before the advent of Louis Comfort Tiffany and René Lalique. Glass in jewelry has a long tradition and is held in high esteem, not least by contemporary jewelry artists. The publication 'GlassWear - Glass in Contemporary Jewelry' by the authors Ursula Ilse-Neumann, Cornelie Holzach and Jutta Page shows the works of 60 international artists in a unique collection. Objects on show include jewelry from renowned artists such as Giampaolo Babetto, Helen Britton, Georg Dobler and Peter Skubic. The willingness to experiment, color and the versatile properties of glass, which constantly inspire new applications and methods, are presented in 100 color illustrations. The book appears as an accompaniment to the exhibition 'GlassWear', which will be displayed initially in Toledo, USA, and, from 14 March to 25 May 2008, at the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. www.arnoldsche.com * cete

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