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The Brat Pack at the Inhorgenta

Every industry benefits from the energy and innovative ideas of its young talent. The international watch and jewelry business is no different. The jewelry show Inhorgenta Europe very consciously places its trust in talented young designers. For years now by employing targeted promotion of young jewelry artists from all over the world, it has ensured that they can gather trade show experience on an international stage, network contacts and ultimately lay the foundation for a persona professional development. In Hall C2, a global synonym for innovative designer jewelry, a good 300 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and America present their products to a critical and specialist audience each year. This creative platform is a source of ideas for the entire industry, not least due to the Inhorgenta Europe Innovation Prize for excellent and trend-setting jewelry design. Jordan Rembrandt from Antwerp / Belgium, holder of the Inhorgenta Europe Special Prize for Silverware 2006, is convinced that attending the trade show is worthwhile for young designers: "I was at the trade show in Munich for the first time, especially as silversmith work was offered its own forum. The prize was a very welcome and helpful impulse for me to open my own gallery in Antwerp in May. I was astonished to find in Munich that in addition to the many other international contacts with industry insiders, I also met colleagues and gallery owners from Belgium and even Antwerp who l did not know before." www.inhorgenta.com * ahe

GZ Art+Design 2006 4

Salt and pepper shakers by Jordan Rembrandt, winner of the Inhorgenta Europe Special Prize for Silverware 2006, Antwerp, Belgium

Third Foreign Scholarship Awarded

Of the 31 pieces of work submitted, Dorte Malorny emerged as the winner: she won the now third RHH foreign scholarship, offered by the Pforzheim-based company C.Hafner GmbH + Co.KG and with support from Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V. Hanau. The jurors Giovanni Corvaja, Isabella Hund and Barbara Schmidt selected the prize winner for the scholarship in September; it comes with 7,000 euros plus study fees. Two other participants were awarded commendations, each of which came with a material voucher for 500 euros. www.c-hafner.de, www.gfo-hanau.de * cete

Leaps in Time

The "Friends-of-Carlotta Jewelry Prize" celebrated its premiere in 2005. The prize had been initiated by Bruna Hauert, owner of the Zurich-based gallery "Friends of Carlotta". This year once more, it is an occasion for an international exhibition and the hope of securing the 1,000 CHF prize. The topic of the current exhibition, which will be on show until December 29, is "JUMP - Leaps in Time". 48 jewelry designers have each created three items of jewelry, symbolizing the past, the present and the future. A jury of five decided on the winner "Body Politics". www.foc.ch * cete

Tip of the Iceberg

New from Niki Kavakonis Designs, Toronto is the uniquely designed Tip of the Iceberg ring. A wonder of the Canadian landscape is showcased in this design: a natural, uncut 2.02 ct octahedral diamond from the Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories set in 18k white gold. Octahedron diamond crystals are the most desirable shape nature creates. The diamond has been selected for its size, color, shape, and natural triangular surface facets, called "trigons". The setting itself is innovative: no claws have been used to hold the diamond in place, preserving the illusion that it is floating along a very still surface. The ring was launched at the 'Northern Lights Exhibition featuring Bjorn Weckstrom', Design Exchange, Toronto. www.nikikavakonisdesigns.com * ahe

New Technology Portal

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first royal charter in 1327. Founded to regulate the craft or trade of the goldsmith, the Goldsmiths' Company has been responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold, silver and, from 1975, platinum articles. The word hallmark originates from the fifteenth century when London craftsmen were first required to bring their artifacts to Goldsmiths' Hall for assaying and marking. This requirement continues unchanged today and the Company still carries out its statutory function through the operations of Assay Office London http://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/assayoffice. The Company continues to play an increasingly important role in support for the craft and industry, assisting with the technical training of aspiring craftsmen and promoting excellence in the design and craftsmanship of silverware, jewelry and art medals, through supporting and arranging commissions, competitions and exhibitions. A selling exhibition, Goldsmiths' Fair, is held each year in the first week of October, where members of the public can purchase the work of over eighty contemporary designers and craftsmen.

The new technology portal on the Goldsmiths' Company website offers a special service for goldsmiths and jewelers: They can use it to locate companies and manufacturers all over the world or also query specific search terms from various areas of jewelry and technology. Visitors at the site are invited to display other links and topics. In the long term this is intended to create the leading knowledge platform for the goldsmith trade. www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/supoortforthecraft/technologyportal.php * ahe

The United Heart - The New Symbol of Love

Petra Azar, an international businesswoman, renowned artist and designer, created the jewelry collection under the striking name "The United Heart". This collection is implemented by the specialists at Abel & Zimmermann, manufactory for high-quality chains and bracelets in Pforzheim since 1885. The special aspect of the line is a magnetic mechanism, which has been submitted for patenting and that resembles a heart when closed and also serves to lock the necklace. The "United Heart" is based on a bronze sculpture by Petra Azar, in which two of the facial profiles melt into an endless kiss, representing the exterior forms of a heart.

Manufactured using yellow and white gold, in some cases encrusted with brilliants, classical, beautiful jewelry has been created in the hands of the experienced goldsmiths from the House of Abel & Zimmermann. These are precious items that not only adorn, but also possess symbolic character. Three percent of the sales proceeds from "The United Heart" are used to support projects around the world intended to provide needy people with a new perspective. www.theunitedheart.org * ahe

Provocative Jewelry

More substance than appearance - that is the deep message that the Dutch product designer Sacha Lannoye wishes to express with her products and with which she certainly intends to provoke. The brand dependence that is quite obviously displayed by many people wearing jewelry is caricatured for example in the necklaces "Yadayadayada" or "BlaBlaBla". The writing in gold or silver is a stylish kick in the shins to major brand names. The gold-plated shoe jewelry "Max. 20 kg" also hides its own decorative message: it takes a swipe at the slavish desire to be pencil-thin. The precious sign can - visible to all - be attached to the heel of women's shoes and is targeted at the idea that no healthy woman who is old enough to wear high heels can actually fulfill this ideal. www.sachalannoye.nl, www.soonsalon.com * cete

Opening of the Amber Museum in Gdansk

The world's largest center of amber processing is found in Gdansk and its environment. The Amber Museum was opened at the end of July to offer an additional highlight dealing with Baltic Gold The Amber Museum links with the tradition of the West Prussian Nature Museum that existed here before the 2nd World War. In February 2000, the Amber Museum was brought back to life as a department within the Museum for the History of the City of Gdansk. A permanent exhibition was held over the course of the five years of restoration work in the museum building. Among other things, it featured the unique amber collection by the famous amber carver Luqan Myrta from Zopott, along with contemporary jewelry by numerous renowned artists. At the time, the museum only had one presentation room. Unique amber jewelry is now spread over five floors in the recently opened museum.

The museum management has set itself the goal of portraying the natural history of amber and amber processing from the start until the present day drawing on very different aspects. For example, visitors can take a trip from the jungles dating back to 40 million years BC, featuring songbirds and trees with the aromatic smell of resin. A multimedia presentation shows visitors everything about the emergence and the classification of amber and other fossil resins. Occlusions, types of amber, the natural forms and the largest spectacular findings are also topics of the presentation.

In addition, the museum provides information on the use of the petrified, timber resin, whether as a medicine, jewelry or as work of art. The exhibition includes rare pieces from other polish museums. The most magnificent items in this field include borrowed amber objects from the Georg Laue collection, manufactured in Gdansk in the 17th and 18th centuries. The most expensive and significant of them is the amber cabinet by Johan George-Zernebach, dating from 1724. An entire floor in the Amber Museum is dedicated to contemporary amber art. It features numerous items of jewelry, modern installations and objects by artists. www.mhmg.gda.pl * ahe

Rings Made of Carbon

the demand for carbon rings is growing. The compound material from the field of technology is particularly popular among designers. The firm Thomas Knauf Design from Wachtberg has now developed a device to wind thick-walled pipes on the CNC lathe using carbon fibers. This machine is now suitable for producing durable profiles that are excellently suited to manufacturing ring bands. The color of the ring profiles is beautiful, matt anthracite. A noble, elegant appearance is created by a reserved textile structure. It is similar to ebony, but has a significantly longer lifespan. The carbon rings from the collection by Thomas Knauf Design are offered in the material combination with stainless steel or precious metals www.knauf-design.de * ahe

Carles Codina, Jewellery and Silversmithing Techniques, 2002, Hardcover, 160 pages, full color illustrations, ISBN-13: 978-0-7136-6342-6, 30,0 x 22,8 cm, 42.71 euros (including seamail postage), 47.11 euros (including airmail postage), published by A&C Black, available from Ruehle-Diebener-Publishing, www.gz-online.com, rdv@gz-online.com

Workshop Insights

A broad variety of techniques make the book "Jewellery and Silversmithing Techniques" of Carles Codina a great source for craftsmen knowledge. Silversmiths open their workshops for Codina to give detailed explanation of the spinning lathe and a step by step sequence of how to make a coffee service and a bowl. In this book Carles Codina also shows special techniques such as Kum Boo, a korean technique of fusing fine gold sheets on silver, electroplating and surface finishing. Casting techniques with cuttlebone or delft sand are as well explained as ceramic shell casting and how to prepare leaves and natural patterns for casting. The technique of metal stamping is an effective way of forming metal and is shown in detail. After a brief abstract about gemstones the German master gem cutter Bernd Munsteiner demonstrates a prism cutting in his workshop. Traditional jewelry making of the Berber is presented with the use of filigree. Codina knows about the importance of client briefing and he introduces different ways of how to get an established jeweler. The chapter "photography and jewellery" gives great advice about the camera requirements, background and illumination and the use of a light-diffusing tent. * cp

Carles Codina, Handbook of Jewellery Techniques, English translation 2000, Hardcover, 160 pages, 800 color illustrations, ISBN-13: 978-0-7136-5484-4, 30,0 x 22,8 cm, 35.23 euros (including seamail postage), 39.63 euros (including airmail postage), published by A&C Black, available from Ruehle-Diebener-Publishing, www.gz-online.com, rdv@gz-online.com

A Teachers Experience

Carles Codina has been an independent jeweller for most of his professional career, as well as a professor in the Jewelry Design Department of the school "La Escuela Massana" in Barcelona. In his books he shows a great variety of techniques with contemporary jewelry. The photographs show the essence of the goldsmithing techniques. His books are written for both the beginner and the advanced jeweller and help to achieve better results. The books are a must for the bookshelf of all jewellery students. Carles Codinas "Handbook of Jewellery Techniques" is a reference guide to the equipment, materials and techniques that can be used when making jewelry. It shows in step-by-step sequences how to accomplish various techniques. Codina shows fundamental techniques like how to prepare basic shapes, how to saw, how to make wax models or how to make joins. He shows the basics of forgin, tube making and how to determine the carat of an alloy. The chapter "surfaces" explains acid etching, combining metals by soldering or fusing, creating textures, patination, etc. Furthermore the book contains information about stone setting, wax metal carving and lost wax casting with details about rubber mold making, injecting the wax, investment, flask preparation and more. * cp

Material ConneXion - The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers. Available in German and English. 59 euros. ISBN 3-7913-3402-6, Prestel Verlag

An Overview of Innovation

New materials and the knowledge of their possible uses are indispensable factors for ongoing development in architecture and design. The company Material Connexion - with offices in New York, Milan and Cologne - offers in its materials library a comprehensive overview of innovative achievement. The publication "Material Connexion - The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers" provides a detailed summary of these innovations. Numerous application examples are listed in the categories - Materials on a carbon basis, cement, ceramics, glass, metals, natural materials and polymers - and serve as a profound well of information indicating the materials' potential. Over 800 color diagrams enhance the explanations. * cete

Fritz Maierhofer - jewellery and more! Text in German and English. 49.80 euros. ISBN 3-89790-245-1, Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Helfried Kodre - Schmuck und Skulpturen. Text in German and English. 29.80 euros, ISBN 3-89790-239-1, Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Herman Hermsen - Jewellery, Light and More. Text in German, English and Dutch. 39.80 euros. ISBN 3-89790-252-4, Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Annette Braun, Francine Vormese et al. Mickael Kra - Jewelry between Paris Glamour and African Tradition. Text in English and French. 39.80 euros, ISBN 3-89790-226-5, Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Authors Jewelry Series: New Releases

This fall, Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt will be casting a spotlight on three jewelry artists with four new releases in the series "Author's Jewelry"; they all emphasize the incredible diversity of jewelry design. In her publication "Fritz Maierhofer - jewellery and more!", Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias portrays the Austrian designer who launched his international career in the late sixties in London. Maierhofer places less focus on the material value of his work and more on the artistic intention. Many diagrams and texts by other internationally renowned authors complete the articles on Maierhofer's life and work. In "Helfried Kodré - Schmuck und Skulpturen" (Jewelry and Sculptures), Ellen Maurer, Karl Bollmann and Wolfgang Prohaska illuminate the second phase of work by another Austrian jewelry artist, Helfried Kodré. Whereas the early stretches of his work saw him focus on natural symbolism, his work since the start of the nineties shows a new feel for aesthetics: clear structure, overlapping areas and geometric references. The numerous diagrams also reveal the development in the work from the early years. The first publication on the Dutch designer "Herman Hermsen - Jewellery, Light and More!" offers a far-reaching summary of his work over the last 25 years. Jewelry and product design as unique objects and manufactured in series were the basis for the success of the contemporary designer, portrayed by Barbara Maas and Peter van Kester. Pull-out panels, diagrams and texts in three languages are the characteristic features of this elaborate new release. Jewelry design between African bushmen and the Parisian catwalks. This is the area in which Mickael Kra operates, one of the most important designers on the international jewelry scene. Spread over 176 pages, the monograph "Mickael Kra - Jewelry between Paris Glamour and African Tradition" presents the exciting work by the French artist, who succeeds in achieving an incomparable connection between the beauty of the human body and the qualities of selected materials. * cete

Green Vault Reopens

Since the middle of September visitors to the Green Vault in Dresden have been able to take a trip back into the year 1733. The famous treasure chamber of August the Strong can now be inspected completely where it was built and restored to its original state. Visitors pass through the magnificent rooms erected as an autonomous work of baroque art, experiencing the treasure chamber as it was left by August the Strong after his death in 1733. It is almost miraculous that the collection of more than 4,000 precious items, including numerous artistic pieces of goldsmith work, has been almost entirely preserved. This is confirmed by original inventory lists. The Green Vault was redesigned as a treasure chamber by the Saxon Electoral Prince and Polish King August the Strong (1670-1733) in 1723. He was the first state prince who made his treasure accessible to the general public. The rooms themselves date back to the 16th century The Green Vault was given its name due to the malachite green painting of the walls, hidden by mirrors when the treasure chamber was redesigned. The artworks were moved elsewhere during the Second World War and were returned almost completely to Dresden from the Soviet Union in 1958. The castle was almost entirely destroyed by allied bombing, and only a few rooms of the treasure chamber survived the fires with practically no damage. Reconstruction started in the mid sixties, and it remains incomplete even today. In total reconstruction of the Residence Castle will cost around 337 million euros. Over 30 companies with more than 100 restorers, craftsmen and sculptors, along with architects and scientists, have been working at restoring the magnificent treasure chamber since 2002. Restoration of the Green Vault costs roughly 45 million euros. Over 3,000 treasures will now be on show in the ten cabinets of the historical Green Vault. Since 2004, the remaining pieces of the collection have been exhibited in the rooms above the old treasure chamber, the so-called New Green Vault. The unique rooms of the historical treasure chamber can only be accessed through a security sluice, which removes dust and dirt from the visitors. In addition, access to the "walk-through vaults" is restricted to 100 persons per hour. www.dsgv.de * ahe

The Imperial Ring from the City of Goslar comes from Worpswede

The Imperial Ring from the City of Goslar is among the most important prizes for modern art. It was awarded to the artist J. Immendorf on October 7. It has a solid gold setting, enclosing an aquamarine, into which the seal of Henry IV has been cut. The jewelry was designed by the Worpswede-based goldsmith Hadfried Rinke. Each year in his studio close to Bremen, he creates a unique piece for the respective prize winner. The first winner was the sculptor Henry Moore in 1975. He was followed by Max Ernst and Alexander Calder. In addition to Josef Beuys, Georg Baselitz, Jenny Holzer and Christo are also among the prize winners. * ahe

Understanding Stones

Experiencing and in the truest sense understanding gemstones and minerals - this is made possible once more at the mineral exchange "mineralien 2006 Hamburg". As was the case in the last two years, the Munich-based couple Rudolf and Franziska Schwinghammer will be holding the special show "Understanding stones" at this years exchange for minerals, fossils, gemstones and jewelry. It will feature a presentation of minerals and petrified objects from their own collection, exhibited in such a way that they can also be touched and experienced by blind people. "mineralien 2006 Hamburg", December 8 to 10, Trade Show Grounds Hamburg. www.hamburg-messe.de * cete

Franck Goddio eye to eye with a sphinx made of black granite, depicting King Ptolemalos XII, the father of Cleopatra VII. 1st century BC

Gold and jewelry stone with gem cut. 1st century BC to 1st century AD

Egypt's Sunken Treasures

Over the course of the last two decades, the maritime archeologist Franck Goddio has discovered excellent testimonies to Egyptian history from the period between 700 and 800 AD off the coast of the modern city of Alexandria and in the Bay of Abukir. Mystical places, for example the ancient port of Alexandria with parts of the Royal District, the City of Heraklion, which had been believed to be lost, and parts of the City of Kanopus were rediscovered. They sank into the sea over 1,000 years ago as a result of several earthquakes. In view of the fact that at the time, people were forced to leave their palaces and temples in a hurry, the researchers found countless everyday objects, including jewelry thus helping the scientists to reconstruct life in antiquity. Monumental statues, coins, jewelry and cult objects were discovered on the sea bed using state of the art technical equipment, and then salvaged in laborious work lasting several years. Roughly 500 discoveries from these spectacular underwater excavations were exhibited first in Berlin and then in Paris. www.aeoyptensversunkene-schaetze.org * ahe

Surprising in Use

"Gold fever" is the name of the design with which the Stuttgart-based student Sonja Breuninger won the special prize at this year's Rosenthal Design Awards. The topic "Transformation", set by the international porcelain company, inspired her to develop a concept design that plays surprisingly with the term patina: the more frequently the object is used (in this case porcelain cups), the more valuable it becomes. Unlike traditional plates and cups, in which the applied decorations are worn off gradually the more they are used, constant wear is what actually reveals the golden ornaments in Sonja Breuninger's crockery. Her prize: a six-week internship in the Rosenthal Creative Center in order to enlarge on and specify other ideas. www.rosenthal.de * cete

We Will Give your Jewelry a Home

Petra Ohnmacht from Pforzheim has been known for years for her elaborate box collections and packaging. Discerning goldsmiths and jewelers from all over the world find what they are looking for with her, irrespective of whether they need standard packaging and presentation solutions or well thought-out, prefabricated systems. Petra Ohmacht's jewelry housings have already won numerous design prizes. For example, in 2001, she received the renowned Swiss Design Prize tor the "Clerk System". The presentation system is suitable for presenting jewelry in stores and also for customer visits. It consists of waxed, layered wood and a strap for carrying. The tablets or showcases are available in two different heights with different compartments and material inlays in five different colors. In order to transport the system, the tablets are stacked and tied together using the belt. The individual tablets can be closed using a wooden or glass lid. The glass panes transform each element into a small showcase. Foam inlays mean that jewelry can be attached to the base. The individual boxes can be stacked and transported, even without the base or lid elements. An additional lid seals off the stack. A felt envelope protects the Clerk System from the wind and the weather during transport. An add-on means that this "loose cover" can be varied in height in order to match any stack in the store. The tablets from the Clerk System can be stored compactly using the "shelf warmer". It accommodates both the flat and the high elements. Subject to choice, the shelf warmer can stand proudly on four rubber feet or takes its own path through life on small metal rollers. The showcases can be stacked for transport and can be put together to form a presentation case with the aid of basic elements from the Clerk System. www.schmuckbehausungen.de * ahe

Of Sea Urchins and other Ocean Dwellers

The fairytale natures, structures and variety of forms found in ocean dwellers were tapped into as a model for "Roxy's Welt". The Pforzheim-based designer Tamara Grüner created dishes, items of jewelry and objects for her graduation thesis, drawing inspiration from the barbs, lumps, patterns and coloring of the underwater word. To do this, she used the materials porcelain and plastic and selected processing methods that were different to usual: porcelain is submerged and enameled, while the plastic is cast and modeled. The glass-like and almost colorless transparency lends the objects a fragile character and enables the onlooker to look into and through the receptacles. www.schmuck-designerin.de * cete

Women Show their Favorite Pieces

No other designer has had such a striking influence on international fashion jewelry over the course of the last two decades as Miranda Konstantinidou, a Greek national. Exactly 20 years ago, she founded her jewelry brand Konplott in Trier and since then has defined countless international trends. These range from the zany rubber jewelry at the end of the eighties, the metal crochet technique she developed in the nineties through to the chains adorned with cloth puppets encrusted with rhinestone for which she received a prize from the French fashion press at the start of the year. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, a book will now be published by Espresso-Verlag in Berlin, documenting the variety of the work by the designer, thus providing an extraordinary view of two decades of designer history. "My favorite piece" is a book without models or styling. It portrays very normal, known and unknown women with their own jewelry, jewelry by Miranda Konstantinidou, which has its own, very personal significance for them. Over the course of the 20 shootings throughout Germany, the Hamburg-based photographer Peter Meier has portrayed over 300 women with their favorite jewelry over the last few months. www.konplott.com * ahe

New Professor at Royal College of Art, London

Hans Stofer is the new Professor and Head of the Department of Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery (GSM&J). Stofer succeeds Professor David Watkins who recently announced his retirement from the position. David Watkins continues to lead on an AHRC-funded (Arts and Humanities Research Council) research project into the potential of metal deposition on flexible substrates. With a first degree in Precision Engineering from Brown Boveri Technical College in Switzerland and a Masters qualification in Jewelry and Design from Zurich School of Art and Design, Hans joins the RCA from the University of the Arts, London (Camberwell College of Arts) where since 2000 he has served as Subject Leader in Silversmithing and Metalwork and 3D Design. Hans also works as the External Examiner for Jewelry/Applied Arts at Middlesex University and as Associate Lecturer for the MA in Applied Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Commenting on his new role Stofer said, "I am a firm beliefer in sharing knowledge and expertise and n widening participation in the field." As a teacher and as a practitioner Stofer's focus reflects his dual training and accreditation in Precision Engineering and Jewelry and Design and he has a special interest in the application of high and low tech materials and manufacturing methods to creative design. His work is exhibited and collected extensively both nationally and internationally, and has an exceptionally high research profile. During the past two years Stofer has also been researching and been writing two books, ,,Wire Jewellery", the English version was published 2005 by "A&C Black" in Britain and the German version was published by Haupt Verlag in Switzerland. His book "Designwilderness" was published September 2006 by "edition galerie S O" in Switzerland. The book is written in German and English. * cp

15th Silver Triennale 2007 Invites Entries for a Competition

Gold and silversmiths, metal designers and designers from Germany and abroad, along with students at colleges and academies and apprentices, are invited to take part in the Silver Triennale, organized by the Flensburg-based company Robbe & Berking Silber. The competition caters to design ideas for silver equipment/objects and cutlery; items of jewelry, however, are not admitted. The pieces must be manufactured in silver; only students and apprentices are permitted to submit silver-plated pieces. The jurors - Rudolf Bott, Dr. Stephan Demmrich, Chief Editor of the magazine Wohn!Design, and Professor Dr. Florian Hufnagl from the New collection - Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich will decide on the prize money totaling 18,000 euros.

Closing date: December 30, 2006 (Non-EU states: December 20, 2006) Additional information and application documents can be accessed under www.gfg-hanau.de or http://silbertriennale.robbeberking.com * cete

monomania - straight design with a touch of emotion

monomania jewelry with real diamonds comes in a simple but straight design, with a touch of special emotion. The contrast between steel, real valuable stones and other high end materials creates a unique and unmistakable personal style. The current monomania collection offers a variety of materials and high-quality sets, merging in timeless design In addition to finely satined stainless steel one also discovers the most precious jewelry materials. monomania jewelry is not only designed for women - it is also just the right thing for men. The appearance of the whole collection is similar and consistent throughout the world. In one word - monomania meets the requirements of a modern world, uniqueness, style, personality. www.monomania.de * ahe

MJSA Expo 2007

MJSAs Expo New York, the oldest and largest U.S. trade show dedicated to jewelry manufacturing, is the perfect place to exhibit if you're looking to reach U.S. jewelry manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in one convenient location. Featuring cutting-edge technologies, the latest equipment, new supplies, in-demand services, the finest gemstones, diamonds, and pearls, and a premier selection of finished products in the MJSA Gems & Jewelry Showcase, the 2007 MJSA Expo will be held March 18 to March 20, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. For nearly 40 years, Expo New York has been the first stop for industry buyers in search of cutting-edge solutions in machinery, equipment, and tools, as well as manufacturers and retailers in search of new suppliers of findings, mountings, chain, castings, and all the other components needed for their finished products.

Each year, nearly 6,000 buyers from across the U.S. flock to MJSA Expo New York - a loyal audience of major manufacturers, bench jewelers, retail buyers, and designers. Expo New York delivers more than just a slice of the industry - it delivers buyers from every corner of the industry. Expo not only features the largest array of jewelry manufacturing products and services in America, it also offers technical and business seminars conducted by the MJSA Jewelry Academy at Expo New York. MJSA Expo New Yorks educational program features a combination of technical and business presentations focusing on subjects such as pricing, lean manufacturing, and CAD/CAM. Expo 2007 also marks the continuation of the interactive At the Bench Live seminar series. Learn tips, tricks, and the latest techniques in a variety of disciplines from experts such as Jurgen Maerz, Alan Revere, and Charles Lewton-Brain. Another draw is the live demonstrations on the show floor. Attendees can see the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies in action at no additional cost! To exhibit at Expo New York, call Bruce Coltin at 1-401-274-3840, ext. 3023, or e-mail bruce.coltin@mjsa.org www.misatradeshows.org

English Silver from the Court of the Czar

An impressive collection of rare English silver from the era of Elisabeth I and the Stuarts, complemented by Russian gold and silver objects from the Kremlin Museum in Moscow, will be on show in London until January 28, 2007. The Armory Museum in the Kremlin Museum owns the world's largest collection of English silver from the 16th and 17th centuries. Marking the 200th anniversary of the Muscovite Armory Museum, founded by Czar Alexander I in 1806, 67 items of the collection are exhibited exclusively in the Gilbert Collection in Summerset House in London. The objects largely date from the period following 1553, when English seafarers discovered the northern route to Russia. This led to brisk trade and political intercourse between the British Royal Family under Elisabeth I and the Russian Empire under Ivan the Terrible. The close friendship between the British Royal Family and the Russian Czars lasted over 100 years. Most of the elaborate pieces of silverware are diplomatic gifts to the Kremlin from the British regents. But while the Russians preserved the tableware over the centuries only a few pieces from this period remained in England. Most objects were melted down in order to finance military conflict. www.oilbert-collection.org.uk * ahe

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