This free full ebook, The Jewelry Maker, is written by Elaine D. Luther and talks about everything a jewelry maker should know and look out for. Download a copy now!

Here is an excerpt from the book as a teaser.

Introduction excerpt from the book:

“This book is a resource for you when you work on your own. The book is written as though you will be setting up your own workshop at home, so discuss safte concerns, what type of tools to use, and how to set up your own area.”

“I wrote this book in 1992 and sold it as a photocopied-and bound affair. I’ve devided to give it away as a free ebook on my website now. In order to update it, I’ve deleted sources that are no longer in business, and made a few other minor changes.”

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I could update it completely, and add color photos, but then it wouldn’t be a free ebook, would it?”

“For additional information, please visit my Squidoo Lenses and my blog, you can connect to both at”

– Elaine D. Luther, Introduction, The Jewelry Maker

General Safety in the Jewelry Area:

  • Tie your hair back if you have long hair. f it’s long in front, wear a headband. Don’t wear loose clothes, scraves or open toed shoes.
  • Never use a machine or chemical that you don’t know how to use. Ask your teacher to show you how.
  • Are you using a power tool? Wear safety glasses.
  • Are you doing something that makes dust? Protect your face – your eyes, nose and mouth. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.
  • Do you need to pick up something hot or get something out of an acid? Use tong or tweezers. Not your hands!
  • Did you spill acid? Put baking soda on the spill.
  • Tired? Take a break, it could prevent an accident.