New Jewelry Ideas from Other Realms of Experience

“Meaning brings form with it; form is never without meaning” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Twice a year, the new English-language magazine GZ ART+ DESIGN will supplement the GZ by offering a survey of the outstanding ideas, materials, and forms that have developed in the areas of jewelry and jewelry design, many of which open entirely new possibilities of experience. This is becoming ever more meaningful for the work of galleries, goldsmiths, and jewelers, because the relationship between people and jewelry has changed. Status symbols and material value are no longer nearly as important as they were one or two generations ago. Franziska Kessler, a designer and trend expert, defines the new luxury as the freedom to live life according to one’s own expectations. Self-confidence without arrogance, experience without narrow-mindedness, variety without arbitrariness – this extends to jewelry as well. Although it has become a consumer good, jewelry retains one basic aspect: its close connection to the human body and the personal statement it makes about its wearer make for a special relationship.

Christel Trimborn and Peter Henselder, editors

The world has become a global village, as shown by the convergence of many and diverse cultural influences and the harmonious mingling of the most widely varied materials and forms. The original, organic, and unusual explode the narrow, traditional realm of imagination to form a cultural patchwork. The results offer proof of the richness of their inspiration and meaning across the entire spectrum from experimental “art pieces” to the industry’s design-oriented jewelry models. From this point of view, GZ ART+ DESIGN will consider and showcase the entire spectrum of what jewelry can be. It will also take into account the overall design context, from historical origins and the motivation and function of designer groups, to the most current processes and techniques opened up by new design possibilities. This magazine aims to contribute to the exchange of ideas and to promote contact among industry business, and designers worldwide, thereby serving as a forum for modern jewelry and its inherent potential.