This form may be used if you have an idea for a product and wish to approach a manufacturer. It is a very good protection against a company stealing your idea.

I met a sled designer at a party in Montreal once, we discussed this subject, he had paid thousands in legal fees to have this form designed. He sent me a copy and gave me persmission to share the form.

Confidential Disclosure Form to [your name]
[your address]

We are requesting to examine your proposal concerning the potential one of your products being marketed as a new product and for discussion purposes known as:The X product which involves the [your full product description]

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in order to assess it for the purposes of determining whether to repackage, produce, promote, market, sell, manufacture versions designed to service this market niche or distribute the product or to decide if we have any further interest in same.

We recognize that you hold exclusive proprietary rights to the concept and that you are prepared to disclose it and its uses to us in complete confidence. In consideration for this we agree to the following terms and conditions:

We shall oblige ourself to the strictest secrecy in connection with the concept and will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, directly or indirectly reveal any information regarding the concept, nor shall we disclose the concept to any person, legal or moral, without your prior written consent;

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We shall not use, sell, manufacture, repackage, market, disclose or in any manner utilize the concept or invention for profitable gain without first having obtained your written consent;

We may show the concept to or discuss it with those of our associates directly involved in the process of it’s assessment; however those persons must first undertake to sign a letter similar to this one for your benefit prior to disclosure;

We recognize that through signing this document we will not obtain any rights or privileges under any copyrights or applications in connection with the concept;

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We shall promptly refer to you any inquiries that we may receive from any person, legal or moral in relation to the concept;

We shall return the documentation describing the concept and any information, documentation or illustrations thereof, to you immediately upon request and shall not retain or make copies or samples thereof or permit others to do so;

This document shall be binding upon us, our employees, agents, subcontractors and other persons for whom we are responsible in Law.

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Yours truly,

Per: _______________
Date: _______________
Witness: _______________