Cécile Chancerel, jeweler and enameler in La Baule, France, received “Le Grand Prix des Métiers d’Art” (the Grand Prize of the Trades of Art of SEMA 2006) in November 2006, with her modular necklace in enamels on precious metals entitled “Dendrobiums and Lyphiras”. It is a great reward to celebrate 30 years of experience.

Cécile Chancerel

From the beginning to the end this necklace was entirely carried out with my hands, from the drawing, manufacturing, engraving, enameling, setting and polishing included, in 2006. To win the prize, Cécile had to do a 15 minutes presentation of herself and her work in front of 20 judges from different backgrounds: experts in the different trades, museum conservators, directors of the department of education, etc. She was chosen for three main reasons: her unusual background and wide range of professional knowledge, the modular necklace made with a variety of techniques in metal and in enameling, organizing of the exhibition in La Baule and the sharing of her knowledge. All trades were represented, from woodwork to glass, metal, textile etc.

Cécile Chancerel began her trade in a professional school of jewellery in Lyon, and then she worked in Paris for the very reputable jewelers of Place Vendôme. She improved her skills in drawing, in gemology and in engraving at the well known Ecole Boulle, and travelled throughout the world to acquire an international experience. Passionate by stones, she came to Australia where she stayed nearly 20 years, specializing in opal jewellery. Her taste for colors brought her to discover the techniques of enamelling, in particular “Plique à jour”. In 2004 she chose to return to Europe to settle in La Baule and she opened her own workshop at home, in February 2005. She designs jewellery; she personalizes and adapts them to her clients, out of precious metals, precious or semi precious stones, pearls, with or without enamels. She renovates or transforms old jewellery that you do not wear, to give them a new look.

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In October/November 2006, Cécile Chancerel organized an exhibition called “Jewels and Enamels of the world” that attracted nearly 4000 visitors in La Baule, in a prestigious place “Le centre culturel La Chapelle Ste Anne”. The objectives of this exhibition were to explain the different steps and trades in the jewellery manufacturing, from the design to the mining of precious stones, and the various techniques of enameling, with professional enamellers showing their work. For this occasion Cécile made a film from her workshop explaining the different techniques of enameling. Two professional schools came to demonstrate different jewellery skills on the bench, and gemology studies looking at inclusions in stones through microscopes. Five lecturers came to share their knowledge and their passion in 4 different evenings: a silversmith, an expert in enamelling, a film on diamond mining, a gem cutter, a gemologist. This exhibition was very successful and allowed the general public to discover the Art of enameling, from industrial enamel to the high jewelry enameled.

Cécile Chancerel invites you to look at her website: www.cecile-chancerel-bijoux.com or to visit her, in her workshop, only by appointments. Email: ccbijoux@yahoo.fr

The necklace is composed of an orchid cluster (Dendrobiums), symbol of mystery and passion evoking the elegant simplicity of a woman, and butterflies (Lyphiras, an Australian orange butterfly). Wearing each parts separately makes four different necklaces.

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Materials: Gold 24 carat and 18 carats, Pure silver and 925, Precious stones: Diamonds and Rubies, Semi-precious stones: Tourmalines, Transparent enamels.

Size: Orchids: width 8.5 x high 5.5 cm. Silver Butterfly: w 3 x h 4 cm, Gold Butterfly: w 2 x h 4 cm