“Never! It would be great but much too complicated – and much too expensive”. This would be the typical answer of a goldsmith or jewelry designer when asked about self casting equipment. But those times are gone.

Casting Jewelry Yourself

A complete foundry on 2 sq. m

After being mixed in the vacuum mixing device, the investment compound is poured into the flask.

In the furnace, the wax is burnt out and the flask is fired for 1-3 hours.

The metal is poured into the crucible. The start button is pressed once and the heating starts.

The fired flask is put in its holder.

A second press on the button starts the vacuum. Just 1-2 minutes later, the material is completely molten and is poured into the mold through a simple 90° rotation of the entire casting unit.

The Mini Casting Machine MC 15 from Indutherm will make jewelry casting “easy, uncomplicated and faster than ever before and economical for every studio,” declares Peter Hofmann, director of the company. The complete process from the wax model to the cast is really easy to handle even for those without any experience in metal casting and can be completed in less than two hours, firing time included.

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Although the MC 15 is such a small machine, every detail is constructed to be very solid and shows innovative ideas. The intention was to make the mechanics as simple as possible and reduce moving parts to a minimum for a high reliability and a long lifetime.

Peter Hofmann: “In most studios, the MC 15 is used in various ways: for casting test shapes before production, for single and small series castings (even with stones) and also for semi-finished products such as wires, ring profiles, small plates Thanks to the maximum temperature of 2,000” C, all kind of metal may be cast, even steel or platinum “.