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This article was originally posted on Userblogs on 8/20/2017.
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Reduced lines, minimalist forms and clear colors characterize primarily the jewelry collection by the Freiburg-based jewelry designer Bernd Wolf. However, there is much more behind it than a superficial glance could ever realize.

Bernd Wolf
Bernd Wolf: Designer with visions
The collection New Visions, which includes the earrings "Carto", deals with the opportunity of drawing strength and energy from new visions. The rectangle, made of lapis lazuli, symbolizes a windows and the principle of order

If one takes a closer look at his collections and their messages, one comes to the conclusion that Bernd Wolf, who was born in Stuttgart in 1958, cannot simply be a jewelry designer and engineer, he must also be a philosopher, trend scout, story teller, dancer, a reader of symbols and a motivator. After all, his primarily straightforward jewelry is full of meaning and symbolism, colors and harmonious combinations in form and material. In addition to high standards of quality, Bernd Wolf believes above all in a positive impression that jewelry makes on the person wearing it, the pleasure that it creates and the emotions that it generates. These are among the reasons why he constantly encourages his customers to purchase jewelry from time to time that has slightly different formats and colors. This is the only way to see how the jewelry affects the person wearing it - in the best case, "jewelry accompanies the person wearing it in finding new visions ".

The bracelet "Stripe" is made of highly flexible, stainless steel cords in connection with sterling silver and fine gold, and is as light as a feather
With Chinese inspiration: the earrings "Criss" consist of flat discs of root coral, and are decorated with filigree structures of gold-plated sterling silver

When the qualified machine engineer and jewelry designer founded his company in 1989, Bernd Wolf was one of the first to establish silver with gold plating on the market, knowing well that he had discovered a perfectly suited, durable and innovative material combination. Until today, he combines his material with selected colored stones and with pearls, root coral and stainless steel to create exciting necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. He prefers colored gemstones such as peridote, carneol, lapis lazuli, aquamarine or onyx over diamonds. "Life is colorful, so I use colorful stones", is how Bernd Wolf reasons his decision.

Fine, dangling, snake-like chains and a black onyx, cut in Navette form: the collier "Yena" decorates a woman's neckline in a breath-taking manner
The high-quality sponge coral that Bernd Wolf processes symbolizes the potency of the oceanic world and represented long life in ancient China

Each year he selects a main topic in which he embeds his jewelry collections. The topic draws on the current zeitgeist and contains in its name also a personal message such as l'Amour en Rose, Light my Fire, Magic of Nature, Tango d'Oro, Living Harmony or New Visions. Each of his pieces of jewelry tells a personal story inspired by the impressions he gathers on his frequent travels. Insight into foreign cultures provides a constant stream of inspiration for his work, in which the symbolic meaning of material and form play a central role. His homepage provides interested jewelry fans with information on the significance of the various stones he uses and also background information on the historical and cultural symbolism of jewelry forms.

The influences of Bauhaus style are clearly visible in the collier "Meret". A pendant made of sterling silver with fine gold plating and small orbs of lapis lazuli dangle from a cord chain of gold-plated, highly flexible stainless steel

The production studio for the Bernd Wolf collections is located in the picturesque setting of the Black Forest, right next to the French and Swiss borders in Stegen. The tango enthusiast and design entrepreneur employs 65 people. The design team of six people creates two collections each year with a total of 300 new items of jewelry - all of which come with a three-year guarantee and a "lifetime service" to take care of the jewelry The headquarters in Stegen looks after everything, including production, dispatch and distribution. From there, the jewelry is sent out throughout the whole world. After all, jewelers and gallery owners from across the globe are interested in the jewelry by the man who harmoniously links and successfully communicates the two sides to his own personality - the artistic and creative side and the logical and technical side. All of this is clearly apparent in his jewelry.

by Christel Trimborn

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Christel Trimborn

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