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This article page is from a section "Favorite Tips" from BENCH Magazine 2002 submitted by readers and BENCH Magazine Staff covering inlay gold into platinum and chain repair,



To inlay gold into platinum first cut a groove into the platinum with a bur. Then select a wire of gold smaller than the groove. Using your torch, melt the gold into the groove fusing it to the platinum. Because of the high melting point of platinum, you do not have to be concerned about melting the platinum jewelry. File the surface even and finish using emery papers.


Use a yellow highlight marker to color the label on yellow gold paste solder. Then, while working it will be easy to distinguish between the tubes of yellow and white paste solder.


Loved the section on chain repairs!

I make lots of chain. Here's the easiest way I've found to polish them. It works well for chains made from just about all metals.

Use a vibratory tumbler with about 5 lbs. of assorted shapes of stainless steel shot. Add a pinch of burnishing soap or a few drops of dishwashing detergent & about 2 oz. (a little Dixie cup) of water. Toss in the chains & run the machine for about l/2 hour. Remove the chains & rinse in clear water.

Other items can be polished (burnished, really) in a vibratory tumbler. Just be sure all the scratches are out or you'll have 'shiny scratches' when you're done.

The small vibratory tumbler with a bowl about 7″ wide & 3″ deep, looks sort a like a small angle food cake pan. The tumblers are available from most jeweler suppliers. The same tool can be purchase from a lot of shooting sports stores for less. Folks who reload ammo use them for polishing brass prior to reloading.

- Dave Arens G.G.


I have modified the wedge from an old wooden ring holder to use when I polish chains. I have cut a V in the thin end and lay the chain in that V. I hold the excess of the chain behind the wedge and I polish about 3″ of the chain at a time with a soft brush in my flex shaft. It has worked well for me for years!

- Bruce Dockery



Cut a piece of scrap PVC tubing in sizes from I inch by I foot long to 3 inches by I foot long, and use to polish chain on. Wrap several chains around at once and hold to the left side with your left hand slide one at a time to the right side of the tube. And grasp with your right hand holding it tight around the tube and gently polishing against the wheel. Slowly rotate the chain always keeping it tight against the tube where it contacts the polishing wheel until the whole chain is polished. Slide it off the end ofthe tube to the right ready to be cleaned and slide your next chain down from the left and repeat until all are polished.

- Steve Satow


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