Contemporary Enameling – Art and Techniques by Lilyan Bachrach
256 pp., 550 color photos, 8-1/2″ x 1 1″ hard cover.
ISBN: 0-7643-2355-5. Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310

Lilyan Bachrach’s new book, Contemporary Enameling – Art and Techniques, is an all-color, enlarged edition of her best selling book Enameling with Professionals.

Any enameler, beginner, intermediate, or professional, will find this book to be full of useful information. The book includes an extensive introduction to enameling basics; the vocabulary of enamelists, how to set up a workshop, information on metals and enamels used in the process, and techniques appropriate for the beginner.

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The bulk of the book consists of technical and biographical entries from thirty-four recognized enamelers. Many of these artists have written about the techniques they are best known for, accompanied by photos of their work. There are several segments on the cloisonné technique alone, including instruction on making cloisonné on fine silver beads, gold wire cloisonné on fine silver, cloisonné shading techniques, large cloisonné wall pieces, cloisonné using opaque enamels, and cloisonné on steel.

Instruction on using some of the newer enameling materials and processes are covered, including Dupont’s ImagOn Ultra for acid resist, enameling metal clay, and making sculptural forms with copper mesh. Other techniques covered in the book include champlevé, basse taille, plique à jour, enameling vessel forms, painting techniques and materials, screening techniques, and torch firing.

There is a large gallery of contemporary enamelists providing a short biography of each artist, with full color photos of their work. The book ends with an extensive resource of enameling guild and societies, and material and tool suppliers.

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Apart from the fact that this book is full of valuable instruction, the volume of inspiring, full color photographs of enamel work alone makes this book worth owning.

Tom Ellis

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Antique Enameled Jewelry by Dale Reeves Nicholls with Robin Allison
192 pps, full color, hardback. ISBN: 0-7643-1991-4
Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310

This is the first book to focus exclusively on enameled jewelry. It contains a list of 77 manufacturers, going back to the late 1880s, with a list of makers’ marks for about half of them. Another list provides names, and contact information, of 17 current dealers who purchase and sell antique enameled jewelry. Very helpful is a price guide and a chapter on how to collect – what to look for – how to find it.

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Over 450 color photographs with descriptions, size, history, and present location of each piece. Attention is given to significant developments in enameling techniques, and to the symbolism found in Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Arts and Crafts jewelry design during the nineteenth century and later. The most active manufacturers were from the United States, England, Germany, France and Norway.

This is an important reference for jewelry designers, historian, and collectors. And, above all, it is a great source of ideas for the working enamelist! A great addition to your library.

Woodrow W. Carpenter

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