Mining Boulder Opal in Koroit, Queensland, Australia

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Mining Boulder Opal in Koroit, Queensland, Australia. Here is a quick (& amateurishly done) look at mining boulder opal in the outback of southwest Queensland, Australia. This shows my mine that is an area called Koroit. In Koroit there is neither electricity nor running water. I need to run generators to supply electricity for the machinery. The tunnels shown are about 40 feet underground. This gives you a little taste of how much work goes into getting these pretty opals out of the ground. Please keep in mind that I have a relatively productive mine. There are many miners who dig for weeks or months without finding any opal. Shaun (the cook) is an Australian who worked for me for a few season, but has quit. I am the cameraman, director, editor, etc. You can see more photos on my website: Thanks for watching

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