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Graffiti Style Pendant


Handstyle Grafitti Sterling Silver Pendant
cut n spray is for a stencil battle prize over at You can join in and get the chance to win this and quite a few other prizes,your almost guaranteed to win something, just for entering.
The main idea was graff writers or stencil artists would want one of there own designs made into a pendant.
The pendant in the video took about 6 hours!!! in total to make, because of the fine detail. The drill bit i am using is half a millimeter!!
The design for the pendant was made by ‘Shirk’ from Cut ‘n’ Spray so this isn’t for sale, but if you have a design you would like made that could be done.
As an idea if i was to make something this complicated I would charge 150GBP, if the design wasn’t as complicated it would be a lot cheaper. Most things start from 50GBP.
Email any design at Shaun750 at
I can send you a 3d render of what your design would look like free of charge with the price to make your unique design.
Cheers Shaun