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Gold-Inlay Engraving with AirGraver- Part 1.5


Hi Everyone! I invite you to watch this video. There are 7 parts to the whole project. Approx. 11 hours worth of footage!!! There is a problem with the default viewing of the videos. To unsqish it, click the fit to window button on the player.
Hand engraving a high art knife with the
Lindsay AirGraver: Part 1, initial outline cutting.
The AirGraver is an engraving tool that runs from
direct, steady air-flow and utilizes either an air
compressor or CO2 cartridges for portability. The
device can be set up to operate from the natural
pressure of the user’s hand (PalmControl) or may
be operated using a foot pedal. View a photo of the completed
engraving here:
Best Regards,
Steve Lindsay