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Premium Videos by Pattie Parkhurst and Richard Sweetman

Pattie Parkhurst is a lifelong jeweler and part owner of a metalsmithing school that specializes in master workshops. After college, Pattie served on the board of The Colorado Metalsmithing Association (COMA) where she learned the anticlastic raising metal technique. Her work is mastered and constantly evolving through observational learning, a continuous process that comes from having many jewelry-related businesses.

Richard Sweetman is an artist and teacher with degrees from Colorado State  the University of Oregon.  He worked as a goldsmith for George McLean Goldsmith. He taught for many years and started the Jewelry and Metalwork Program at Arapahoe Community College.  He continued to learn and sharpen his skills at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  He currently teaches workshops at his studio and for other guilds.

Introduction to Sawing & Piercing

Sawing and piercing metal using a jeweler’s saw is a fundamental skill for any bench jeweler. Join Ganoksin instructors Richard Sweetman and Pattie Parkhurst to learn the basics of this essential technique.