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Lily Ellicott’s passion for goldsmithing and gemology spans over a decade. After working in jewelry stores as a sales associate as a young teen, she graduated from the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in 2015 with certificates in Industrial Casting, Bench Technology, and Gemology.</p> <p>Lily began working at Linden’s Custom Jewelry in Bentonville, Arkansas as a repair technician and sales associate, quickly moving on to designing and creating clients’ custom pieces. Lily was promoted to Senior Goldsmith and Shop Manager in 2018, taking responsibility for equipment maintenance and fabricating one-of-a-kind pieces.</p> <p>Throughout her career, Lily has further honed her skills by participating in several workshops, learning under such names as Todd Daniels, and Sam Alfano. In 2021, Lily left her position with Linden’s and opened a wholesale production company, based out of Olympia, Washington where she specializes in fabrication, complex stone-setting, and hand engraving.

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