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Premium Videos by Charles Lewton-Brain

Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain demonstrates techniques, tips and tricks he has learned throughout his career as he has trained, studied and worked in Germany, Canada and the United States.

How to Harden and Temper Tool Steel

Learn to harden and temper your own custom-shaped jewelry tools. By master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain. Filmed in full HD 1080p. IMPORTANT NOTE: Hardening and Tempering is a two step process, the steel MUST be tempered (softened) after…

Other Uses for a Pencil in Jewelry Making

Two surprising uses for a pencil as a tool in jewelry making. (1) Gain extreme control over the burr on your flex shaft by using a piece of the top of the pencil and (2) etch disc designs using the eraser end of a pencil. By master goldsmith Charles…

Make Your Own DIY Rotary Burr

Make your own high quality rotary burr from an inexpensive disposable lighter. By master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain. Filmed in full HD 1080p.

Make Your Own Cardboard Disc Sander

Handy trick to make a useful cardboard disc sander which master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain learned about at a factory in Germany. Disc can then be used on a polishing machine. Filmed in full HD 1080p.

Method to Quickly Identify Tool Steel

Learn to be able to quickly identify what quality of steel a tool is made of and whether it’s low quality or worthwhile to use. By master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain. Filmed in full HD 1080p.

Turning Wax on a Flex Shaft

Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain shows how to turn wax, like on a lathe, but with a flex shaft instead. Filmed in full HD 1080p.

How to Make Wax Engraving Tools

Create DIY wax carving engravers made from everyday steel construction nails. When jewelers carve wax many of them will automatically pick up a normal engraving tool and carve wax as they would metal. But the problem is that wax is very different…

Foldforming Overview and Techniques

Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain invented foldforming and demonstrates the technique in this video. Foldforming is a system of metalworking that uses the metal’s nature to rapidly make shapes that resemble chased and constructed…

Preparing a Hammer for Foldforming

One of the most frequent foldforming questions Charles Lewton-Brain gets is that someone’s forging hammer isn’t working well for them. See how Charles changes a commercial forging hammer to be useful for foldforming. Filmed…


Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain lectures about and demonstrates how to make Keum-Boo foil and use the technique. This a method of applying thin sheets of pure gold to silver and other metals. This gives great design and pattern options…

Paper Die Embossing

Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain demonstrates a technique called “paper die” which involves compressing or cutting a stiff piece of paper and then transferring the marks to a piece of sheet metal using a rolling mill.…