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3D Enameling

Learn 3D enameling techniques from an expert, who adds transparent enamel designs to three-dimensional art objects, and apply them to jewelry making.

Rio Model 1000 Enameling Kiln

The Rio 1000 enameling kiln features three pre-set firing temperatures for enamels and six that you can define. Use the exclusive Rio controller to set and maintain firing temperatures. Perfect for all types of enameling, including tall…

An Interview with Leila Tai

In this article, renowned enamelist Leila Tai discusses her many motivations and inspirations as well as her creative process in making her award-winning works. When and how did you become involved in enameling? I took classes at the Kulicke-Stark…

Enameling on Electroformed Vessels

June Schwarcz (b.1918) in Denver, CO. She is a Fellow of the American Craft Council and received their Gold Medal. The museum collections that have her work include Metropolitan Museum, Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, and Kunstgewerbe…