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Chains Video Series

How to Make Curb Chain

This course will demonstrate how to make a curb link chain. During the lesson you will be shown how to make a simple round link chain and an oval link chain. The lesson also includes how to make finial ends. Materials: 1.2mm round wire x 900mm (For…

How to Make Loop-in-Loop Chain

This course will help to get you started on your chain making journey as the links are large and easy to solder. The open linkage effect looks amazing. You will also learn how to make a simple clasp. Materials: Sterling silver 1mm round wire x 140cm…

How to Make Double Loop Chain

This course demonstrates a simple way to make a double looped link chain. You will also learn how to make a simple hook catch. The bracelet linkage makes it ideal for a charm bracelet. Materials: Sterling silver round wire 0.9mm x 600mm X 1.2mm…

How to Make Graduated Byzantine Chain

This course will demonstrate how to make an impressive byzantine chain with graduated jump ring sizes to give it a tapered look. The linkage appears to be complicated but it’s easier than it looks. Materials: Sterling silver 7mm mandrel…

How to Make Orbital Chain

This course demonstrates how to make an orbital chain by making and linking jump rings. This course is great for practicing your soldering skills. Your instructor Soham will help to make your learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.…

How to Make Figure 8 Link Chain

During this course you will learn how to make a unique figure eight design chain linkage. Once you have practiced making the solderless version that is included you will be able to form the folded back split rings with ease. Materials: Sterling…