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Advanced Stone Set Rings Video Series

Learn a variety of advanced stone setting techniques to produce stunning and unique rings.

How to Make a Trillion Stone Set Ring

This lesson will guide you through the process of making a trillion setting mounted into a split shoulder ring. You will also get a video on how to make a useful shank punch. Lessons Include: Part 1 – Trillion stone set ring – 54 min…

How to Make a Crossover Basket Solitaire Ring

This lesson will show you how to make a simple crossover four claw setting and use the excess wire to form the under rail of the ring. This is a popular and very effective design. Lessons Include: Part 1 – Crossover basket solitaire –…

How to Make an Interlocked Basket Ring

This lesson shows a very simple method of making an interlocked setting. The ring has only two components and includes a simple stone setting lesson. Lessons Include: Part 1 – Interlocked basket ring – 49 min 51 sec Part 2 –…

How to Make a Straight-Walled Gypsy Setting Stone Ring

This course includes seven videos that will help you to create mitre settings. You will learn how to make an eight sided straight wall bezel and gypsy set a large stone. The hexagon set ring is more technical and requires advanced skills to be…

How to Make a Six Claw Solitaire Ring

This lesson will show you how to make a classic solitaire using a very simple technique. The stone size and the angle can easily be changed. Included is a simple stone setting demonstration. Lessons Include: Part 1 – Six wire claw solitaire…

How to Make a Six Claw Split Shank Ring

This lesson is perfect for students wanting to move towards commercial jewelry making and advance their skills. Learn handy tips including a claw cutting and setting demo. Lessons Include: Six claw set split shank ring – 55 min 03 sec…

How to Make a Four V Claw Solitaire Ring

This demonstration shows a simple way to make a commercial solitaire ring using three components and the slot fixing technique. Included is a simple tapered band video and a setting video using just a piercing saw to carve the seating. This…

How to Make a Bezel Set Scroll Ring

This lesson involves making a standard round bezel setting to fit a specific stone size. There is a step rolling demonstration that should be practiced and mastered for time and material saving. The two component ring includes some integral…