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Uncommon Sorosilicate Gemstones

The sorosilicate class of minerals is composed of more than seventy minerals. Most are rare, and only a few are...
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Cyclosilicate: Dioptase

Dioptase incorporates the native metal, copper in the Si6O18 ring structure with water to form the only gem material that...
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Tanzanite – Zoisite

Tanzanite! Baron Sigismund Zois von Edelstein of Slovenia could never have imagined that a variety of the mineral he discovered...
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Benitoite Gems

One of the most beautiful blue gemstones is native to our own country. In 1906, a prospector found what he...
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Kyanite Gemstone Properties

Andalusite, kyanite, and sillimanite all contain identical amounts of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, combined with other trace elements. I find...
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Nesosilicate – Topaz Gemstone

Previous articles discussed the polymorph gemstones andalusite, sillimanite, and kyanite of the Al2SiO5 group of the nesosilicates. Topaz and staurolite...
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Let’s Talk Gemstones – Zircon Group

Lets Talk Gemstones - Zircon is the single member of the zircon group of the nesosilicates that is suitable for...
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Cyclosilicate: Aquamarine

The region of pegmatite dikes in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil has been the primary source of gem...
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Let’s talk Gemstones – Staurolite

Staurolite! Why would one of the most ordinary, patently unattractive minerals, used as a religious talisman and a good luck...
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Cyclosilicate: Axinite

On an excursion in the Alps in 1797, mineralogist, R. J. Hauy discovered some highly vitreous, piezio-electric wedged-shaped crystals that...
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Goshenite – Transparent, Colorless Beryl

Goshenite is the transparent, colorless, alkali-bearing pure beryl that was discovered in Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. The Lily Pond mine...
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Yellow-Green and Green Beryl

Yellow-green beryl has achieved 'desired gem' status with consumers just within the last few years. Museums were eager to acquire...
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Understanding the Different Beryl Varieties

The varieties of beryl found worldwide include one of the most prized and one of the lesser valued of gemstones....
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Morganite – Pink Beryl

Richly colored morganite gems are among the more valuable of the secondary gemstones. The value of morganite has increased with...
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Let’s Talk Gemstones – Opal Part 1

Opal is a fascinating gemstone with an ancient history. Pliny the Elder gives an eloquent description of opal, comparing its...
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Introduction to Silicates

Silicates comprise about a quarter of the known minerals and almost 40% of the common ones. The basic unit of...
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Uncommon Sorosilicate Gemstones – Epidote group

With the exception of orthorhombic zoisite (tanzanite and thulite), discussed in the first article on the sorosilicate class of minerals,...
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Let’s Talk Gemstones – Opal Part 2

Australia's most famous opal mines lie on the periphery of this Great Artesian Basin. Mintabie, Coober Pedy, Andamooka, White Cliffs,...
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Let’s Talk Gemstones – Peridot

Peridot, often called olivine and chrysolite, is a gem variety occurring in the solid solution series between fosterite (Mg2SiO4) and...
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Nesosilicate – Garnet Group

Garnet is a common mineral distributed worldwide. It occurs as crystals, in massive and granular forms, and as tumbled pebbles....
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