One address in Stockholm’s gallery district is especially well known to experimental-jewelry enthusiasts: The gallery “Metallum” represents a multifaceted mix of artists, materials, and objects.

Jesper Blomquist. Coffee pot, sterling silver and wood
Eva Bragsjö. Kasja Revolving

It’s all in the mix

Twenty-two artisans from Sweden, Germany, Austria, and Australia currently belong to the gallery “Metallum”, which has presented and sold high-value works for as many years. Metallum is unusual in its creative mix of diverse designers, exhibition pieces, techniques, and materials. Fine works in gold and silver share exhibition space with art glass, vases, and objects. Diamonds are impudently paired with base metals, and gold combined with wood. However differently the designers work, they are united by their drive to experiment with diverse new and unusual materials. “All artists dare to do a lot – they play with forms and materials, their pieces are always far removed from what is common,” explains Angelika Janke of the gallery. Many of the works are unique or are produced only in mini-lots of three pieces.

Wolfgang Gessl. Wine pitcher, sterling silver and rock crystal
Pamela Wilson. Necklace, woven silver and rock candy

Royal treatment for clients

The gallery “Metallum” does not only show the works of its members, but also those of other, established artists and new talents from Sweden and the rest of the world. On weekends, visitors and clients are offered something special: a meeting with the artist at the gallery space that received the “Golden Chair” award, where they can discuss and place an order for a piece of jewelry to be made according to their own plans. “We work very closely with our clients – find out who they are, what fits them, what they would like. And then we work together with them to turn their expectations into their individual jewelry,” says Angelika Janke.

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Marita Carlborg-Olsson. Vase, tin with red automobile paint
Helena Svensson Skolling. Necklace, silver and glass beads

International guests

Several exhibitions are planned for next year: Herbert Weder, from Switzerland, will hold a guest exhibition on the topic “Time” (August 2003). A Danish designer group from “Metall” gallery in Copenhagen was also invited and will show jewelry, objects, and sculptures in mid-2003.

Ingrid Bärndal. Necklace, perspex