This checklist is a chance for you to go over your marketing business plan and be sure it is “up to snuff”. You might find this a useful tool to use every few months to track your progress. The Marketing Plan Worksheet will help guide you to your marketing goals and can work with this page to solidify your ideas.

QuickStart Market Positioning

  • Do your business name, by-line, logo, business colors and typeface identify your company?
  • Who are your clients and what are they looking for in your product or service?
  • Do your marketing materials represent your company, services, capabilities and image.
  • Do you have planned publicity and public relations programs?
  • How are you using the power of the Internet to market your business?
  • Is your direct mail effective?
  • Which of your marketing tools is the best producer?
  • How much does each customer cost you?

Your Company

  • What Business are you in? (designing, fabrication, selling?)
  • What is your product?

Your Target Market

  • Who are they?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What motivates them?

Your Competition

  • Who is your competition?
  • What makes them different from you?
  • How do they market?
  • What is the most challenging part of marketing your business?

What is the most challenging part of marketing your business?

Your Current Marketing

What are you doing now in terms of…..?

  • Advertising
  • Print Material
  • Packaging
  • Direct mail
  • Craft Shows
  • Galleries
  • Trade shows
  • Newsletters
  • Web site
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Customer Feedback
  • Presenting Classes or Demonstrations

Determining Effectiveness of current marketing

  • How do they get to your site or find your product jewelry?
  • Which pages of your site do they use?
  • Which marketing tools are working?
  • How can you tell which marketing tools work best?

Your Marketing Objectives and Strategy

List your objectives

  • Image
  • Introduce new pieces
  • Introduce new lines
  • Overcome competition


  • How can you reach your customer?
  • How can you set your self apart?
  • What is your niche?

Future use of Marketing Tools

How do you plan to use……?

  • Advertising
  • Print Material
  • Packaging
  • Direct Mail
  • Craft Shows
  • Galleries
  • Trade Shows
  • Newsletter
  • Web site
  • Public Relations
  • Publicity
  • Customer Feedback

Sample Marketing Action Plan

ItemPersonnelBudgetInitiation DateDue DateTest for Effectiveness