Owing to 201 entried works from 20 countries over the world, The 20th international Cloisonné Jewelry Context has closed successfully on March 28, 2007.

International Cloisonné Jewelry
Award-winning works at the 20th International Cloisonné Jewelry Contest. 1. and 2.: The Grand Prix Award, Spirit of Water and Spirit of Fire, by Kenji Kitai, Japan; 3.: Award for Excellence, Time Bicycle, by Ewa Buksa-Klinowska, Poland; 4.: Award for Excellence, Strawberry, by Jill Parnell, Australia; 5.: The Mainichi Newspaper Award, Sun Flower, Chang Hyun Sook, Korea; and 6.: The Mainichi Newspaper Award, A Simplification of a Triagonal, Lonny Fechner, Denmark.

The jurors wanted to find and encourage young enamelists on the 20th Contest. Consequently, we could find young enamelists whose works have been selected to be The Grand Prix Award.

A Simplification of a Romboeder, A Simplification of a Hexagonal, A Simplification of a Triangonal, by Lonny Fechner, Denmark.

The works of Kenji Kitai, who is an university student in Japan, ‘Spirit of Water’ and ‘Spirit of Fire’ are the excellent works and the title and works unified.

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Spirit of Water & Spirit of Fire, by Kenji Kitai

It is reflected in the polished-up silver surface and the mysterious transparent feeling which is plique à jour enameling on metal has impressing more advanced space.

Time Bicycle, by Ewa Buksa-Klinowska.

Among the award winners, Buksa-Klinowska’s (Poland) ‘Time Bicycle’ has the very interesting place which is making the environment of space-time by treating the different somewhat kinetic art feeling of a motion and the clock of a classic atmosphere.

Exhibition, Pola Museum Annex, Ginza, Tokyo Japan, March 23-28, 2007.

Lonny Fechner’s (Denmark) ‘Simplification’ series consisted of white glaze, and was very interesting in design and stimulated interest.

Furthermore, there are many wonderful works gathered on the contest. You can see the award winning works on the Internet. Please enjoy them at http://homepage3.nifty.com/enamel-yohko/e20jc.htm.

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Anyway, it seemed that it was a wonderful contest which was able to meet with the splendid works with width in a work and historical weight, thankfully, accumulated for 20 times of this contest.