Harold O’Connor’s latest book is both logical and well laid out and will be a valuable reference to anyone using the flexshaft machine for either production work or experimentation. The tool, the flexshaft machine, is not glorified in the text but rather a detailed breakdown of its components and possible uses on woods, precious metals, waxes, plastics, ivory and other material is illustrated. This text not only describes creative directions but process and direct results.

The Flexible Shaft Machine: Jewelry Techniques
By Harold O’Connor
Dunconor Books
P. O. Box 17324, Denver, CO 80217
1983. 47 pages, over 70 black-and-white illustrations
Price; $8.95

Although the book is directed at the jewelry field its many examples can be utilized by craftsmen or technicians needing refined and detailed cutting, carving, grinding, sanding, polishing, stonesetting and inlaying information. A wood detailer, plastic model-maker, ceramist or sculptor would certainly profit also by having this text as a reference to possibilities and time-saving techniques. Custom-designed wax lathes, a table saw and stone cutting unit are also shown, as well as accessory equipment.

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Harold O’Connor is a dedicated goldsmith and teacher, and other than having Harold O’Connor working at the bench with you, the next most valuable help is his book.