Colored gemstones have enchanted mankind since the dawn of time. The variety of colors, their mysterious sparkle and their extreme scarcity are the factors that make them so desirable.

enchanted mankind
Paraiba tourmaline

The Idar-Oberstein based gemstone cutters Groh + Ripp have been a competent partner for anyone involved in processing gemstones since 1953. The 38 employees satisfy any customer wish: starting with fine, individual hand processing through to series production by machine. The credo is defined by first-class quality. Leading manufacturers of gold products, watches and dials are supplied by the firm, along with jewelers, designers and goldsmith studios.


The family firm maintains a permanent stock of cut standard sizes and even fine, individual stones and sets. Groh + Ripp has over 70 sorts of stones in its range. Indeed, Groh + Ripp has dream-like stones on display at the Paraiba tourmaline and tsavorite are the highlights. Aquamarine, tourmaline, rubelite, peridot, tanzanite, kunzite, mandarin garnet, amethyst and citrine among others ensure that the show booth will be resplendent in glorious vivacity.

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