The colors of metal is a strong point of attraction for goldsmith designers. But it takes a lot of experience as a goldsmith in order to juxtapose the precious metals in a contrast. Precious metal pastes offer an additional feature, as their direct application leaves plenty of leeway for creative ideas in the design of unique jewelry and small series.

Colorful Creativeness
High resistance to wear characterize the gold pastes
High contrast design

The metal refiners Heimerle + Meule have developed a new generation of precious metal pastes. They created the precious metal pastes “feadoro Aurum” and “feadoro Platinegra”, which in terms of their composition consist of different proportions of fine gold and platinum. All of the other constituents are there in order to bind the pastes in their consistency. The feadoro pastes are actually a paint system that quite simply hardens in a warm environment. Each paste has its own color and a special metal effect. Glitzy and impressive surfaces are created by using “feadoro Aurum”. Conversely, the black paste “feadoro Platinegra” consists of real platinum and creates very special and even, matt black surfaces. The pastes can be applied to precious metals and also non-precious materials such as plastics or natural materials. Both pastes always require a base coat and a small frame in order to hold the mass. The pastes can be applied using a dosage nozzle or modeling tools. The most obvious application in jewelry design is therefore inlay work or indentations in a flat hollow. The indentations need only be one or two tenths deep in order to guarantee good hardening results. The drying procedure for precious metals requires 120 to 140 degrees Celsius. A furnace is not necessary. When dealing with other materials, the applied paste can be left out in the air to dry or can be dried under a lamp.

Semi-finished products in all variations
The dosage nozzle is easy to operate

Both pastes bond well and are resistant to wear. Goldsmiths can rework the jewelry surface to a certain degree when dealing with inlay work. Careful cutting on the lathe can create an even and smooth surface of the metal. Subsequent galvanization of metals is also no problem for “feadoro Aurum” and “feadoro Platinegra”. Familiar silver and gold plating on a precious metal basis were tested in the development department at Heimerle + Meule. Work in which fine particles of dirt and dust can penetrate the hardened surfaces should be avoided. If there are to be subsequent mechanical changes, for example a ring, the width of the ring can be increased by one size. A so-called starter kit of “feadoro Aurum” and “feadoro Platinegra” contains a cartridge with matching dosage nozzle, the solvent and a cleaning set. Heimerle + Meule can provide extensive information for goldsmiths and other users.

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The Starter Kit contains all components