Watchmakers’ and Jewelers’ Practical Receipt Book, 1892

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This is a book of bench tricks, recipes and tricks written in 1892 compiled and published by the Hazlitt company in Chicago. Called ‘A workshop companion’ it is full of rare, forgotten recipes and arcane jeweler’s knowledge. The front page says “compiled from Private Formulae” by the Hazlitt Company in Chicago. It covers “Practical formulae and directions for solders and soldering, cleaning, pickling, polishing, coloring, bronzing, staining, cementing, etching lacquering, varnishing and general finishing of metals as applied to the watch and jewelry trade, together with all the important alloys used by the trade and many miscellaneous recipes” The patination recipes are truly interesting, as are the polishing compounds and alloys including early references to different ways of making blue gold and other odd alloys. A real treat, a book that sells for hundreds of dollars, if you can even find a copy. 128 pages jammed full of information.

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