Casting service in every metal

Call Best Cast for casting service from a single piece to massive production in any metal of your choice. All colors and Karats of gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Brass Bronze all welcome.

Laser Cutting service

Best Cast now offers Laser cutting, Engraving service. Deep engraving, multi layer master models, one of a kind pieces.

Durston C130 Rolling Mill

This Durston Agile C130 mill features a few small changes to the design that make this lighter-weight, more affordable mill available to every jeweler without sacrificing any operational efficiency or the fine quality results you expect from a Durston mill....

Discs & Stampings

Variety of sizes and shapes.

Bezel Cups

Broad selection of Bezel Cup Settings.

Ear wires

Broad selection of ear wires in a variety of metals.

Laser Engraving Service

Effectively sign your work when you customize each of your creations with unique Impressions™ laser engraving on 14K yellow gold, sterling silver and Argentium® Silver tags.

New Chain & Findings

New products added regularly!

Rio Made Products

We are the source for a large selection of jewelry-making findings!

Argentium in all forms

Broad selection of Argentium Silver!

Jump Rings

Broad selection of jump rings!


At Rio Grande, you can buy bulk chain, spooled chain, individual chains or chain by the inch.

ClickSecure® Magnetic Clasp

Powerful enclosed magnets with self-locking security . Magnetic clasps hold securely, yet open and close easily-ideal for those who have difficulty using regular clasps.

LUXI Sample Bar Assortment

This sampler offers the ideal opportunity to try the variety of LUXI compounds and determine the abrasive levels and characteristics that perform best for the finishing tasks you do. LUXI compounds are silica-free, composed of an alumina oxide abrasive in...

Avalon EC6 Wet Centrifugal Tumbler

This heavy-duty model of the revolutionary Avalon wet tumbler is the perfect choice for any busy, high-production environment. The Avalon tumbler design is more tapered at the top than competing models, creating an efficient tumbling pattern of media and jewelry...

Orion mPulse Plus Pulse Arc Welding System with Swing Arm

Built with leading-edge technology that is continually improving, the mPulse Plus from Orion allows almost any shop to cost-effectively add arc-welding capability to their processes. This small powerhouse is priced at a fraction of full-function Orion pulse arc welding machines...

Magnetic Super-Agitating MT-300A Pin Finisher

The first feature you may notice is the rectangular bowl that sits atop this magnetic super-agitating MIT-300A pin finisher. This is part of the equation but the real magic happens inside the stainless steel housing. There, a powerful, 1hp motor...

SpeedBrite 309SB Turbo Ionic Cleaner

Easily and quickly remove tarnish, dirt and grime with this SpeedBrite 200SB turbo ionic cleaner. The ionic cleaning action delivers professional results using polishing agents and gentle soap cleansers that are safe for soft, porous stones such as opals and...

B9 Core Series 530 3D Printer

With this fast, affordable, well-built B9 Core Series 3D printer, you build models directly from designs you’ve created using your computer and just about any CAD design software that renders .stl files-the B9 Core Series software is free to download...

Carbide3D Nomad 883 Pro CNC Mill

carve your computer-generated designs with incredible detail-and surprising speed-right on your desktop (using your own computer and monitor) with the fast, affordable, space-conscious Carbide3D Nomad 883 Pro CNC mill. The Nomad 883 Pro fits easily into almost any shop or...