Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique – Complete Edition

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One of the few books available on wax modelmaking; “Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique” by Minoru Azama, printed in Japanese by Kashiwa Hobby Books. 1999.

Azama process emphasizes building up wax as opposed to starting with a wax blank and carving away material. He uses this approach for organic as well as geometric subjects. The potential of this technique is unlimited!

Azama’s work is outstanding, some of it so very precise and geometric that one would think it had been carved of hard wax. The book was written for students at the Japan Jewelry Academy, and Mr. Azama has been generous enough to write a complete English translation.

Table of contents

  1. The Build-Up Technique
  2. Types of Waxes
  3. Tools for Wax Modeling And Carving
  4. Back to Basics (Sample Chapter)
  5. Wax Modeling, Trouble Shooting
  6. Three Popular Textural Designs (Sample Chapter)
  7. The “Tree” Ring and Flower Setting
  8. Creating Artistic Holes
  9. Parallel Edge Ring Design
  10. The Diagonal Ring Shank
  11. Four Playful Wax Techniques
  12. The Brandy Glass Ring
  13. Preventing Top-Heavy Rings from Flipping Over
  14. How to Set A Bulbous Stone
  15. Sandwich Setting
  16. Making Comfortable Long Rings
  17. Ring Jacket
  18. Men’s Ring
  19. Spin, Whirl and Twirl
  20. Rings with Movement
  21. The Female Form
  22. Loop the Loop
  23. Setting Melees
  24. Aligning the Table Of Irregular Cut Stones
  25. Brooch with Interchangeable Center Stone
  26. The Double Brooch, 1+1=1 & 1-1=2
  27. Narrow Brooch / Azama Slide Lock
  28. Pendant-Ring
  29. Miror Image for Cuffs & Earrings
  30. The Azama Ridge Diamond Setting
  31. Azama “Y” Ring
  32. Azama Half & Half Ring
  33. Azama LapWax Jewelry & Puzzle Rings

Formats available: PDF (eBook)

Files Included:
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