The Jewelry Repairer’s Handbook by John Keplinger, 1902

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A wonderful 1902 book full of jeweler’s secrets and repair techniques. Chapters include bench design, tools, chemicals, tables and recipes, how to use gold testing acids, making rings, eyeglass frame repair, jewelry repair and, oddly, disposing of unclaimed repair work. Keplinger was a good writer and the text is readable and professionally detailed. This book may cover more repair detail well than any other.

It is interesting to see how many of the tools are exactly the same, the main differences have to do with power tools like using a bow drill. There are lots of good descriptions, and of tool making and adapting, many of them, like wax boxes, or clamping tweezers are still hand made today. The chemicals for a workshop are described and how to make them, as well as precise directions for pickle, anti-oxidizer, soft solder remover and many others. As with all such old books avoid the recipes with toxic materials like cyanide.

Alloying is dealt with in the context of ring making and the whole process is really well described, melting, casting into a charcoal block, blowpipe use, working the metal, ring sizing. The chapter on repairing glasses frames is really thorough and detailed. The section on jewelry repair is just as well described, catches, making pinstems, straightening wire, repairing rings with settings, new prongs, stonesetting, shanks, buckles, bracelets, chains and all the repair issues one see today. There is a section on fixing brass musical instruments. Even basic refining to reclaim gold is addressed. Polishing and its tools and procedures are well covered. Electroplating too. The last section deals with organizing repair envelopes and communicating with customers who have not picked up work. An excellent book.

There are some jeweler’s notes in the margins and blank pages on amber, alloying and gold plating recipes. 102 information packed pages.

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