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    As one of the World's leading solder sphere and precision ball manufacturers, it is Scientific Alloys' mission to produce flawless spheres from precious and non-precious materials. We take pride in our superior, highly evolved manufacturing process, and incorporate SPC throughout our work. The SAC Quality Team is dedicated to nothing less than unwavering consistency over time. Our results are extraordinary reflecting the fact that our standards are among the highest in the industry. When it comes to capability, Scientific Alloys will ALWAYS push the limit. As a result, we boast a level of versatility unmatched in the industry.

    Scientific Alloys offers the highest quality precious metal granules specially manufactured for Jewelers. We offer granules for projects of all sizes using the following precious metals:

    • Fine silver
    • Sterling silver
    • Argentium silver
    • 22k gold

    Our granules are manufactured to the tightest tolerances to ensure perfect sizing and have a bright and shiny appearances. They are perfect for any size custom jeweler operation.

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