Reactive Metals Studio Inc has been supplying unique jewelry making supplies for over 35 years!  We carry a full lines in the following areas:

  • Mokume Gane, Shakudo, Shibuichi, BiMetals, Patinas and traditional Japanese Rokusho
  • Niobium & Titanium products including sheet, wire, tubing, discs, findings and chain.  Also Multi Etch for low acid etching of Titanium!
  • Anodizing Systems: Large and Small with lots of accessories
  • Masking systems: Mighty Mask, Lace Tapes, PnP Blue, Surface Saver Tape, Anodizing & Plating tapes
  • Miniature Nuts & Bolts.  2 diameters, 3 head types, 4 finishes, 3 lengths plus matching taps & dies, wrenches and drill bits
  • Impressions Nature Castings- Over 20 different styles in Sterling, Shibuichi and Bronze
  • Incra Precision measuring tools.  Get unparalleled accuracy when measuring–down to 1/100th of an inch!
  • Findings including Niobium ear wires in 3 different styles & 9 different colors plus head & eye pins, jump rings.  Titanium ear wires, drops, pad posts and clutches.
  • Titanium chains in 6 different styles with matching jump rings and clasps
  • Sparkie II Fusion welders, accessories and fusion findings

Visit our website for a full catalog, details and galleries!