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The Best Jeweler’s Workbenches Of 2023: Our Bench Reviews For Your Workshop

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No matter how many jewelry tools you own or how many new ones you purchase, your workshop will never be complete without the right jeweler's workbench. It's the place where you think, create, fix, design, contemplate - where the creative process starts and ends. The best jeweler's benches give you the flexibility to work on all sorts of ambitious projects, with the comfort that comes from having everything laid out exactly where you want it.

That's exactly why we prepared this guide to workbenches - to help you choose your perfect fit. Below, we'll help you find your dream bench with reviews of the best options currently on the market. We've also included plenty of tips on how to choose the perfect jeweler's bench for your needs.

Comparison Chart

Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench


Bench Materials


Bench Dimensions

37"W x 18-3/4"D x 39"H

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Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench Set


Bench Materials

solid hardwood

Bench Dimensions

39" W x 19-1/2" D x 39" H

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Professional 15-Drawer Workbench


Bench Materials


Bench Dimensions

54-3/4"W x 24-5/8"D x 38"H

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The Best Jeweler's Workbenches: Our 2020 Reviews

Best on a Budget

1.) Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench: Best on a Budget

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"The best bench currently on the market for those searching for an affordable option"

If you're on the lookout for a high-quality jeweler's bench while on a budget, look no further. The Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench is the best workbench currently on the market for those searching for an affordable option. It's simple, straightforward, and a perfect first bench for the up and coming jeweler.


The Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench is a well-made bench. Each drawer has a smooth-glide mechanism with carefully designed nylon wheels. There's a slide-out work tray too, and two wood arm supports. It's almost entirely made of rubberwood. Compared to the budget competition, it's refreshingly solid.

The Rio Grande is perfectly suitable for a beginner. It has all the basics: a plier holder, a lamp, a flex shaft, a soldering table, a modified bench pin, and more. It's also not huge, which allows you to keep your tools at hand and easy to find. Having said that, it still leaves you some room to grow in your craft.

It's easy to get up and running with this one, since it comes partially assembled. You can do the rest fairly quickly - no need to pay anyone else or find helping hands to get it done.


Advanced jewelers with a wider range of tools might find it limiting, so it's better for those who are just starting out. If you're already an established craftsperson, you should spend a bit more for something that can accommodate all your tools and accessories.

While we think the Rio is a standout in its price bracket, it's still a budget item. It's not as solid as more expensive options. If the sturdiness of the jeweler's bench is a big priority for you, it might bother you that the drawer sides aren't made of rubberwood but of medium-to-high-density fiberboard. This is a fantastic first bench-it probably won't be your last.

Best for Most People

2.)  Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench Set: Best for Most People

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The PMC Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench Set is a nice addition to any jeweler's studio or workshop. We dare say it fits (almost!) every jeweler's basic criteria in an efficient, compact design.


The Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench Set is a more durable workbench than the Rio above (or other budget models). It's crafted from solid hardwood (hence the name)-no plywood here! It's extremely well-made and not nearly as expensive as you'd think to look at it.

It's equipped for any busy jeweler's needs. This one includes a steel runner along the front that's ideal for organizing miscellaneous hand tools. There are plenty of standard shelves, drawers, and compartments as well for the rest of your tools and supplies.

This workbench is user-friendly and compact, despite the amount of storage. It's that efficiency which makes it such a winner in our book. All told, there are three utility drawers, two shelves, two armrests, and a pull-out tray, as well as hardware pieces. It also features twelve larger holes and sixteen smaller ones.


When it comes to the setup of this workbench, there is some assembly required - however, it's not anything major, and the bench does come with an instructional manual.

You may find the Deluxe a bit narrow. Plus, there aren't as many side drawers as you may need, so take into consideration whether this bench will be enough for all your tools and gadgets. Some particularly ambitious folks may want to skip this one and go straight for the Rio Professional below.

"The best bench you can buy right now"

This Rio Professional 15-Drawer Workbench is the best bench you can buy right now. Sure, you can always custom-build your own hardwood workstation (and we've got some great tutorials for you), but this is the best bet if you want to buy a factory piece.

If you're a professional, this will definitely live up to your expectations of a workbench. If you're used to working on a more basic bench, be prepared to be surprised by how different an experience you'll have working on the Professional. It's fantastic for daily use.


The Professional 15-Drawer Workbench is one of the most feature-packed workbenches out there. It has fifteen drawers, and most of them are placed strategically and in such a manner as to allow you maximum use of the workbench. There are six graduated drawers on both the right and the left side, a center locking drawer, plus two extra ones on each side of the central drawer. There's also a pull-out work surface as well as two pull-out armrests. The cut-out countertop is especially useful as it allows you to get closer to the item you're working on.

It is quite big. Its dimensions are 54-3/4″W x 24-5/8″D x 38″H. This allows you to not only have more working space, but to store a wide range of tools. And like our other recommendations, its efficient design helps to make the most of the footprint.

Assembling this workbench is very easy. Once out of the box, you are basically just a few steps away from using it. Quality control is excellent, too.

This bench is especially suitable for professionals. Its wood is durable enough to handle heavy-duty work; and its spaciousness and size make life much more pleasant, both for actual work and as storage space for the materials and tools.


The Rio Professional 15-Drawer Workbench is way pricier than the other workbenches on our list. It costs approximately $1700, which makes it quite the premium pick, however, if you're sure you'll use it long-term it's an investment worth making.

This workbench is also heavier than most workbenches - it weighs 110 lbs (49.895 kg), so it's something to be aware of when setting it up initially.


So, which of these workbenches is a match for you?

If you're just starting out and testing the jewelry waters, and you're on a budget, you obviously want something more affordable, and we recommend opting for the Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench. You'll not only save money, but you'll definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if you're a professional jewelry maker, you already know how important it is to invest in a sturdy and high-quality workbench. So if you're ready to splurge on the absolute best, then the Professional 15-Drawer Workbench will make it worth your while. If you're thinking ahead of time and want to have a bench for many years to come, this is the bench for you.

And finally, if you're somewhere in the middle (you do want a high-quality workbench, but without breaking the bank), then, by all means, consider the Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench Set. It's perhaps the most universally appealing workbench on the market, as it offers features that will make it equally useful for both beginners and professionals.

Choosing the Best Jeweler's Workbench

Buying a ready-made jeweler's workbench can be a challenging task if you have no idea what you're looking for. There are some key factors you should definitely take into account before purchasing a jeweler's workbench. Here are our suggestions:

Decide on Your Budget

Being clear on how much money you want to spend on a workbench is the first thing you need to do.

If you're just starting out in the jewelry world, you're probably not too keen on spending a lot of money on a jeweler's workbench. If this is the case, we think the Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench is a great match for you, as it costs around $300.

However, if you have more demanding expectations, and you know you'll use it frequently in the years to come, then investing in a more expensive jeweler's workbench is highly advisable. For example, we've mentioned that the Professional 15-Drawer Workbench costs around $1700. That's expensive, but when you consider what you get for it, it's an investment worth making.

Pay Attention To the Bench Construction

We can't overstress the importance of having a high-quality workbench. Your workbench is basically your sacred space - it's where the whole process of jewelry creation happens. So, do your drawers slide easily? What's the timber's quality? Do the joints have wood screws or staples? These are all things to look carefully at on factory-built furniture.

"We can't overstress the importance of having a high-quality workbench"

The best jeweler's benches are crafted entirely (or almost entirely) from solid hardwood, which is why we included only hardwood workbenches on our list (although the Rio Grande Jeweler's Workbench has drawer sides made of medium-to-high-density fiberboard). If we had to pick one, we'd go for the Professional 15-Drawer Workbench. Not only does it have solid construction, but its sturdiness, as well as overall quality, can simply live up to any professional jeweler's expectations.

Bench Dimensions & Other Factors

When it comes to your bench dimensions, it's common to decide on a bench with a bench pin that levels with your chest when you're seated. However, if you ask us, personal preference matters the most.

"it's common to decide on a bench with a bench pin that levels with your chest when you're seated"

There are also other factors to consider. For example, how much storage space do you need for your jewelry materials and tools? What size is your workshop? Can the bench fit in nicely? Do you use an adjustable stool or is it only compatible with specific bench sizes? All these things will depend on your particular needs entirely, so make sure you thoroughly measure your tools and space and check the product's dimensions.

What's Next?

We honestly hope you found our article on the best jeweler's workbenches useful and you're now one step closer to finding the workbench that best fits your needs!

And if you're interested in additional jeweler's products, you can find all the jewelry-making tools you need on our website.

Also, is there anything else you'd like to read about? Or any other jewelry-tool suggestion? If yes, feel free to comment below.

We always appreciate your contribution. In the meantime, happy bench shopping!

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