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Re: [Orchid] My first day as a jewellery exhibitor
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Larry Seiger Thursday, May 01, 2014
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    People love buying from artists. It gives them a personal attachment
    to the art or product they don't get from a factory purchased item. 

    However, buying from an artist isn't an easy process for the buyer
    or the artist. Buyers sometimes get overwhelmed by all the things
    they see, they are at the wrong show for their budget, they get
    tired, their blood sugar falls and they say the wrong things. Artists
    are generally overly attached to their work and, being sensitive by
    nature, take insensitive customers as a personal affront, which it
    isn't meant to be. Plus, the whole blood sugar thing works on either
    side of the showcase. 

    I doesn't sound like the market you sold at was a good venue for
    your work. Still, try to separate yourself emotionally from your

    In the same way that you wouldn't wear your best gown to do
    gardening, when you are showing your work you have to wear a
    different attitude. 

    You can no longer be the sensitive, obsessed, protector of your
    nestlings. Instead, you are the mother bird who almost callously
    pushes the fledglings out of the nest, stops feeding them to
    encourage their departure and lets go. 

    I would recommend printing some small brochures that explain your
    process in detail. Write a FAQ section that gives answers to all
    those pesky questions, playing up all the advantages of owning your

Good luck.

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