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Jewelry MakingThe Ganoksin project provides a variety of quality services for the gem and jewelry community. We work hard to maintain the high standards of our services for the benefit of our visitors. Our services are provided free of charge and to the benefit to all.

Ganoksin is dedicated to serve the information needs of the world's jewelers. It is our mission to educate, improve working conditions and facilitate sharing between goldsmiths globally. Ganoksin continues improving access to information for productivity, safety, skills and education of all jewelers, professionals and hobbyists.

Ganoksin maintains a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics; many of which were authored by some of the most esteemed writers within their respective fields. In addition, this site contains a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional.

Ganoksin also provide members blogs and forums for the exchange of information and opinion; with contributors from all over the world speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, covering a full range of topics of interest to the jeweler and the gemologist.
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Featured Articles

The Holloware of Myra Mimlitsch-Gray - By David Revere McFadden

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray occupies a well-recognized position in the field of metalwork. She produces both jewelry and holloware, the latter being the subject of this essay. As an artist she brings to the workbench a keen sense of history and the social contexts of metalwork, particularly such precious...

Tags: | Features |

Reticulation - Ridges and Ripples - By Sharon Elaine Thompson

Reticulation is not difficult, but it does take practice, concentration, and a deft torch hand. Also, the pattern and appearance of a reticulated piece is not predictable; you probably won't get the same results twice....

Tags: | Reticulation |

The La Pita Mines of Colombia: The Emerald Worlds Best-Kept Secret - By Richard W. Wise

Since the late 16th century, one country, Colombia, has produced most of the worlds finest emeralds. Today, two mines -- Muzo and La Pita -- account for 90% of the countrys emerald exports. While everyone has heard of Muzo, few know about La Pita. Heres a detailed report on this major unknown...

Tags: | GemBiz |

Learn How to Set Baguettes! - By Gerald Lewy

Baguette stones have four corners and a rather deep pavilion. Because of this you must handle these stones with special care at all times. You must make sure that all the bearings being cut are totally in line with the long girdles of this shape of stone.....

Tags: | Stone Setting |

Introduction to Japanese Alloys - By Eitoku Sugimori

Japanese artists have contributed significantly by using their unique alloys in innovative combinations. Perhaps the best example of this is mokume-gane, a lamination process in which layers of various alloys are manipulated to create a rich pattern. In addition, Japanese work of many periods shows...

Tags: | Metals | Japanese Patinas |

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