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Re: [Orchid] 3D model to cast silver model
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Charles Anderson Wednesday, March 06, 2013
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Hi Guys,

>     Also needs to not have undercuts, so you can get it out after you
>     ram up the mold. 

    About undercuts with fine sand casting, it can be done, and it is
    relatively simple, but you need practice to do it. Basically you have
    a multi-part sand mould. The cup and saucer challenge is a good
    challenge for a sand caster. You need to make a one piece casting of
    a cup, and saucer with a spoon it, it takes a lot of practice to get
    it right. 

    Alternatively if you have a CNC machine, and use architectural
    polystyrene, as opposed to a rapid prototyping machine, then you
    leave the polystyrene model in the sand and it evaporates when the
    molten metal hits it. Undercuts, even complex internal voids. 

Regards Charles A.

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