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Re: [Orchid] Pencil lead and lava sculptures
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Gerald Lewy Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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Dear Orchidians

    Lets go back to the time in Hatton Gardens, (jewellery center) in
    London, England, circa 1930's where a fellow was being taught how to
    set diamonds. 

    He learned his craft well, now 10 years later (1940's) another
    diamond setting apprentice took on the task of making use of steel
    gravers to cut around "Mein-cut" and "Rose-cut" diamonds. 

    This same setter came to Canada (1950) and was asked by my Father to
    teach me his craft, now circa late 1960's. 

    Well after 9 years of apprenticing, he taught me all of the nuiances
    of Bright-Cutting. This skill was handed down from the first fellow
    back in 1930's. 

    Now I am now the fourth generation setter from 1930's, to keep on
    teaching this skill in using polishing-paper mixed with graphite. 

    Remember that in those earlier days we used leather strips mixed
    with a polishing compund to improve the surface of the steel graver. 

    Foredom-type motors were not invented until mid-1940's and each
    singular hole was cut out by a graver. these were called "Bull
    Sticks". Can you imagine how long it would have taken to set 30
    odd-shaped diamonds in an Eternity ring? If you had no idea on how to
    use a graver in those days, you were in deep trouble! 

    All of these generations of setters listed above made lives easier
    for the next generations following. I too, am attempting to do the
    same for everyone on Orchid who are interested. 

Enjoy "Bright-Cutting" as it is a definite skill and art!

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