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Re: [Orchid] [Press Release] Rio Grande Grows Into the Future
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Stephen Walker Friday, January 04, 2013
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>     I am sad to see another small company get sucked up into the
>     corporate void. 

    That was my first thought also. But ironically, the busy bodies who
    are constantly inventing new responsibilities and cheering for
    expanding legal requirements for businesses probably feel this way
    most strongly. Many of us on this forum are in small businesses and
    can well understand how difficult it is to run a business
    successfully. The bigger a business gets, the more complicated it
    becomes, but it also accumulates the knowledge and resources to deal
    with a lot of the hassles and legal mandates that cripple smaller
    businesses. So many of the employer mandates, environmental and
    safety requirements and tax compliance issues that are an enormous
    burden to us small guys can have specialized staff in a bigger
    company. It is really a wonder there even are ANY small companies

    I am glad for the Bells that they seem to have come up with a good
    end-game for their family ownership of Rio Grande. We can gossip and
    complain and pass judgements on the situation all we want, but
    ultimately dealing with them is a business decision. If they have
    something I need at a good price I will buy from them. Where the
    profits go from my purchases is really none of my business. 

Steve Walker

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