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Re: [Orchid] Opening watches
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Noel Yovovich Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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>     Point taken, although I am actually hoping to avoid dealing with
>     the watch movements in any way. [snip] I would love to simply
>     repaint the face 

    I agree-- that is something I have been wanting to do, too, just
    haven't gotten to it. 

    I think Leonid is thinking of "watches" as the magnificent,
    mechanical, complex pieces of engineering that go with traditional
    watchmaking. I, and I suspect you, are thinking of the modern, fairly
    modular, self-contained movements that are in inexpensive everyday
    watches. I have taken these apart, and while it is important to pay
    close attention (there are tiny springs and the like that can pop out
    of position, and it can be very challenging to get them back,
    especially if you don't know WHERE) they are not SO fragile, nor
    ruinous to replace if you wreck them. 


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