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Re: [Orchid] Identifying turquoise
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Susan Lucas Wednesday, May 04, 2011
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    This comment is not exactly addressed to the original message.
    However, I do want to point out (just in case you didn't know) that
    there is a ton of fake turquoise on the market. The fake is
    sometimes easy to ID, but sometimes not. The Chinese are getting very
    good at making imitation turquoise. Most often it is dyed magnesite,
    but sometimes it is other dyed stone such as howlite. Then, of
    course, there is the plastic stuff, which is easier to identify just
    by feel. One characteristic of magnesite is a triangle shaped matrix
    pattern. Also, the matrix is usually brown rather than black. Howlite
    has a gray matrix. Although, genuine turquoise can also have brown
    matrix. Get a good look at some magnesite and you should be able to
    spot that triangle pattern pretty easily. However, if the magnesite
    has little or no matrix, then you just cannot tell by looking. I, for
    one, would like to know if there is an easy way to verify genuine
    turquoise for the layman (me) that does not require special
    equipment. I've been getting some turquoise that looks like it is
    real, but does have a few triangle shaped matrix patterns mixed in
    with the more organic shapes. In these stones, the matrix is black
    and brown mixed. I suspect perhaps it is dyed magnesite, but wish I
    could perform a test that would confirm before I claim it to be
    genuine or not. I do try to be truthful to my customers. 

    Here is a pendant that shows the magnesite matrix pattern. My
    supplier swore it was genuine turquoise, but I seriously doubt it
    due to the matrix pattern. What do
    you think? Is it spider web turquoise or magnesite? 

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