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Re: [Orchid] Goldsmith is the state of mind, not a profession
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Alberic Tuesday, May 03, 2011
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Hi gang,

    I'm slowly forcing myself to pick up Rhino, largely because of Lee's
    needs in terms of getting the KC saws (and new toys) done. it's
    interesting coming at a modern CAD program after having given them up
    in disgust 15 years ago. (I'm not a big fan of the Rhino interface,
    but I haven't seen one that I like better yet, either.) 

    In the long run, I think things that *can* be cast will be CAD/CAM
    waxes. The future for humans lies in doing the sorts of work that
    the cam systems can't. 

    Can a CAM system produce forged titanium? No. Can it do much of
    *anything* with titanium or other reactives? Not easily. I'm picking
    those because they're near to my head, and come easily, but there are
    plenty of other processes like repusee that simply don't lend
    themselves to being cast, or faked with a mill. Yeah, you can get
    something that's visually close, but the weight and strength will be
    all wrong. 

    It's sort of like what happened to painting after the camera really
    hit big. They stopped chasing realism and became abstract. They
    stopped competing on the camera's home turf (capturing reality) and
    went where the camera couldn't follow. 

    We need to keep that in mind, and pitch our skills into areas where
    the machines can't follow. (repair, plastic deformation, etc.) 


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