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Re: [Orchid] Type IIa diamonds
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Caren Johannes Monday, May 02, 2011
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>     developed money problems. After all, they are what is called
>     "smart money" crowd. Could it be that they smell the top in gold
>     prices and trying to take advantage of it ? Hard to know for sure,
>     but the time will tell. 

    Interesting thought. I think I'd have to agree that everyone is
    digging out everything to sell for some reason. I just recently sent
    in some scrap metal for refining and was wondering why it was taking
    so long to hear from the refiner. When we placed a call to them
    today to ask, they said they were backed up because they had
    received so much material for processing as scrap, they couldn't
    keep up with the rush. People are sending in their silver flatware,
    tea sets and other pieces looking to raise some cash. 

What a world.

Caren Johannes
The Amethyst Rose

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