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Re: [Orchid] Bezel setting with no back
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Neilthejeweler Friday, August 15, 2008
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>     that if there's any jiggle, the stone jumps out of position when
>     the first blow is given 

    You're using punches or chasing tools I believe? You should be able
    to use the pinky on the hand holding the punch to put a little
    pressure on the stone. Or if that's too cumbersome, slip a little
    wedge of paper(just thick enough to limit movement) between the stone
    and bezel opposite where you are going to start hammering. Don't go
    under the stone or you won't be able to remove the paper easily. An
    alternate would be top use something like clay, that you could soak
    or wash away before cinching the bezel all the way. 

    Consider buying a hammer handpiece. Lots faster, and more


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