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Re: [Orchid] Responsible Gold
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Teresa Masters Sunday, February 19, 2006
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Daniel Ballard,

    Your very conscious comments brings me to the following thoughts. 

    What we all need to be aware of is the agenda of those "do gooders." 

    It is all too easy to provoke negative action against "perceived"
    miscreants. We see here on Orchid in regular cycles, attempts to
    jump start some action or other. Frequently, this will generate a
    thread such as this one, and the fur will fly. 

    Anyone deciding to join a parade, needs to know just who the actual
    orchestrator is, as well as the agenda. 

    Returning the Earth to Green after we have "nuked" ourselves is as
    much a fantasy as some of the anti campaigns are. 

    Some countries are working diligently to convince their aboriginal
    peoples to stop relocating to more greener pastures, when the land
    they most recently moved onto has been totally used and cut bare. Is
    this the Green we are to return to? 

    Some of our "jump on the bandwagon" actions cause starvation against
    the very peoples we are "protecting." 

Please look before leaping.

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