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Re: [Orchid] Orchids to Orchid
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Charles Lewton-Brain Tuesday, February 11, 2003
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Hi All,

    Just wanted to say what a great week it was in Tucson, how lovely to
    meet Hanuman, to share time with him, Ton, Sam, Pat and the myriad
    others who work together to make Orchid, and Ganoksin, the special
    place, the exquisite moment that it is. The dinner was great! 

    There was a definite feeling that a tide had turned. Rio Grande
    (whose upper echelons truly impressed me), Swest, a bevy of European
    magazine writers and company owners and numerous others were there,
    were keen on what we are doing, were excited enough that subtle hints
    of real support were bouncing around. Very exciting. We all need to
    pull together for a while yet for a solid financial future to the
    project ( it is still early days), but we were definitely noticed,
    and what the Orchid and Ganoksin project have become were given
    respect. We held good meetings about the site, future plans, ways to
    build and priorities in the construction. The word 'family' was
    bandied about repeatedly. Andrea Hill of Rio Grande gave a very
    pleasant speech at the dinner in which she recognized the importance
    of the project, and thanked us for our (ascerbic) discussions about
    them last summer while their computer system troubles were big. She
    apologized and pledged to do better in the future. And thanked us for
    the critical discussion! And more...... 

    All in all a great time, lots of movement and project decisions
    underway to benefit us, a bunch of new advertisers coming on board,
    great all around. 

    So, thank you to all the Orchidians out there, your support is
    really important, both in participantion and in knocking down those
    $30,000.00 a year server fees the project pays to exist. 

    Hint:  donations at: 

    Cheers to all the great people who have made this happen, and to all
    the volunteer work that has gone into organizing dinners, auctions
    and more. And to those who are currently volunteering for email
    working groups as we build the project together. 


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