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Re: [Orchid] Bench height
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Erhard Kruger Sunday, September 02, 2001
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    i've seen lots of nice chairs at office supply stores, and also at
    some hardware stores....a wide variety (all wood, some plastic,
    leather backed, etc) all under a few hundred bucks
    canadian...currently, i use either a plain wooden chair (which is
    quite comfortable), or a secretary's kneeling stool (you have to try
    really hard to slouch) which i got used for 10 dollars at a garage

    the reason i wager for the height of drafting tables is to
    accommodate the tilt often used (the tilt assists in ergonomics as
    well....easier to write in a straight line, less wrist/neck
    strain)....also, another good ergonomic position to sit in (especially
    for writing/typing/drawing for long periods of time) is to sit with
    feet positioned beneath you, and to keep your back erect (head
    up)....hope this helps, erhard.  

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