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Re: [Orchid] Dead-blow Mallets
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AlanRevere Saturday, February 05, 2000
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    A last word on the subject of tool preferences. I find that most of
    the time, many different options for tools or procedures can work
    equally well. However it is our nature to favor what we learned with
    and what we use, often even with prejudice against what we know
    nothing about. This holds true for mallets. I know a lot of fine
    craftspeople who swear by rawhide mallets, and yet I personally feel
    that their best use is as kindling. (Rawhide mallets do not have
    enough weight, no oomph, are too hard, fall apart, bounce back, etc.)
    I respect the fact that others believe in them. However, I personally
    prefer the wooden handled, German-made dead-blow mallets that come
    from Frei-Borel, while some may prefer Rio's metal-handled, larger,
    softer faced mallet. Ultimately it comes down to the truism that we
    would often like to deny: It is not the wand that makes the magic,
    but the hand that holds it. Now go make some magic. Alan 

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