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Jewelry MakingThe Ganoksin project provides a variety of quality services for the gem and jewelry community. We work hard to maintain the high standards of our services for the benefit of our visitors. Our services are provided free of charge and to the benefit to all.

Ganoksin is dedicated to serve the information needs of the world's jewelers. It is our mission to educate, improve working conditions and facilitate sharing between goldsmiths globally. Ganoksin continues improving access to information for productivity, safety, skills and education of all jewelers, professionals and hobbyists.

Ganoksin maintains a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics; many of which were authored by some of the most esteemed writers within their respective fields. In addition, this site contains a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional.

Ganoksin also provide members blogs and forums for the exchange of information and opinion; with contributors from all over the world speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, covering a full range of topics of interest to the jeweler and the gemologist.
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Featured Articles

Opals - By Sondra Francis

Every opal is unique in appearance. Opals contain fireworks of every possible color dancing inside them. The flashes of color that make opal such an interesting stone are referred to as play of color. Opals will vary in body color, which is the background color of the stone. White body color is most...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Gemstones Information |

Turning Point - Ryan Roberts´ Foray Into CAD Proves Rewarding - By Shannon L. Brown

When all sides of a dangle earring are beautiful, choosing the side to face front can be problematic. Ryan Roberts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, found a solution: A tiny ball hinge set into the pearl at the top of the earring that enables it to slowly revolve while worn. With all perspectives showcased,...

Tags: | Behind The Design | CAD/CAM |

Making a Chasing or forming tool - By Charles Lewton-Brain

We are assuming you are using W1 water hardening square stock drill rod, W1 tool steel. Many suppliers will sell W1 tool steel. It is often called drill rod (In England 'silver steel'). It should be square for less work in tool making, but round drill rod can be filed or forged to square. You should...

Tags: | Homemade Tools | Chasing and repousse |

Cuttlefish Casting - By Prof. Dr. Erhard Brepohl

Cuttlefish casting is a quick and fairly accurate casting method. Its applications are limited only by the thickness and overall dimensions of the shell. It is difficult to achieve fine details on the surface of the casting, but this is offset by the richly complex texture that is a natural...

Tags: | Cuttlefish Casting |

It doesn't get much better than concave faceting - By Suzanne Wade

How does concave faceting create so much more brilliance than regular flat faceting? Imagine a typical flat, square mirror, Now push the top and bottom closer together so that the reflective side curves toward you. Than take the left and right edges and curve them away from you so that the whole...

Tags: | GemBiz |

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nice chain maille bracelet

By: luis_f_moreno

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spinning a silver chalice base....

By: silversmiths

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Transform An...

jewelers have been “going green” for many years by recycling old or worn-out tools into something new and useful....

By: gia

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