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Some application methods for applying Patination solutions to metal surfaces - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Extremely clean metal surfaces give better results. See the article on Cleaning metal surfaces for more information on cleaning....

Tags: | Patination |

The Art of Tool Making - By Steven O. Smith

There are two properties which distinguish a good tool from a bad one. The tool must have the correct shape for the work which it is to do, and the tool must be hard enough to last a long time. This class will teach you to make tools hard enough to last without being so hard that they are too...

Tags: | Homemade Tools |

Custom Making a 950 Palladium and 22K Granulation Wedding Band - By Mark B. Mann

This band was designed and rendered using Gemvision Matrix jewelry ...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

Alloying 22KT Gold for Granulation - By Ronda Coryell

An alloy is by definition a mixture of two or more metals to create different strengths and colors. For granulation, the following formula is preferred. It is important to start with pure metals. Even trace amounts of impurities can result in flaws in the metal....

Tags: | Granulation | Metals |

Design Briefing - A Ticket to Successful Jewelry Collections - By Barbara Schmidt

In times of increased price competition and global producers, cooperation with designers is also an important factor for large jewelry companies in order to develop new collections in a rapid and targeted manner. Increasing numbers of companies are attempting to sharpen their profiles by drawing on...

Tags: | Jewelry Design | Business & Marketing |

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