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Confidential Disclosure Form - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This form may be used if you have an idea for a product and wish to approach a manufacturer. It is a very good protection against a company stealing your idea. ...

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Sawarovski North America sets trends with CAD/CAMs - By Suzanne Wade

In addition to reducing the labor required to move a design from the sketch stage to the actual model, CAD reduces misunderstandings between designers and model makers. Because pencil sketches are not always precisely scaled or proportioned, a model maker relies on his or her own interpretation of...

Tags: | CAD/CAM |

Fruits of Labor - Chihiro Makio Creates a Natural Beauty - By John Shanahan

One of the more difficult challenges Chihiro Makio of 314 Studio in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, faced when creating her Orange Necklace was getting the citrus-themed elements to sit properly on the wearers neck. The piece comprises roughly 30 three-dimensional elements, some shaped like oranges...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Low-Cost RP Systems Take Model Making to a New Level - By Tina Wojtkielo

Five years ago, if you wanted to buy an additive manufacturing machine to grow rapid prototype (RP) models in your shop, you had to be prepared to shell out close to $50,000. Today, due to technological advances in Digital Light Processing (DLP) by Texas Instruments, you can buy a machine with the...

Tags: | CAD/CAM | Jewelry Mass Production |

Organizing your bench - Your Bench is like the Cockpit of a Plane - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The next time you sit down at your bench, don't think of it as just a bench. Think of it as the cockpit of a plane. That's right, a plane. Sure, there are differences: Instead of dials, switches, and throttles, you have files, saws, and burnishers. But the same principle applies: Just like a pilot...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks |

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