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Making an Insulated Ring Separating Tweezers - By Steve Satow

Steve Satow shows how to modify Standard insulated tweezers to become effective ring separating tweezers....

Tags: | Customize Your Tools |

Cloisonne Cup - By Margarete Seeler

Who has not dreamt of that nobly shaped chalice, enameled all over with immaculate transparents... maybe just one fine gold line winding around its outside... so elegantly understated, so utterly simple... That is poetry. It would neither work nor last. A chalice has to withstand very hard use, and...

Tags: | Cloisonne Enamel |

Characterization and Correction of Casting Defects - By Timothy L. Donohue and Dr. Helmut F. Frye, Ph.D.

Platinum casting defects are often very difficult to characterize due to the intrinsic complexity of the investment casting process. All defects will fall into one or more of the established seven categories of casting defects. The proper identification of a particular defect is the prerequisite to...

Tags: | Platinum Casting | Casting Troubleshooting |

Hydraulic Press Use Safety Notes - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Goldsmiths began to use hydraulic presses in small shops in the 1940s in North America. Factories have used hydraulic presses for making blanking out parts and forming pieces for some time, and presses in the 150 to 200 ton range are not unusual in jewelry factories today. These need good machine...

Tags: | Workshop Safety |

Enhancing the stone - An Update on Diamond Treatment - By Suzanne Wade

A summary of the most common treatment techniques used on diamonds, how they are identified by trained gemologists, and what potential problems they present to manufacturers, retailers, and bench jewelers....

Tags: | Diamonds | Gemstone Treatments |

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