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Enamel Preparation - By Woodrow Carpenter

The traditional method of enamel preparation was described by Cunynghame and Chapin. Large chunks of enamel were wrapped in a piece of cloth and broken with a hammer. The cloth was to prevent the particles from flying about, getting into one's eye or being lost. When the enamel had been broken into...

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Brief Notes on Presto-LiteTorch - By Two Suns Trading Co. Inc.

We use a method for cutting down firescale when using a Presto-Lite Torch along with an acetylene B tank. The torch tips are engineered to take in so much gas through the gas orifice and so much air through the air inlet ventura so they burn to their max....

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Studio Visit - Daniel Brush - By Suzanne Ramljak

The intimate bond between Brush's creative and personal life is evident upon entering his Manhattan loft. The kitchen and dining area abut a well-equipped machine shop, while bedrooms peak out from behind a white gallery wall. The loft's dominant feature is the vast expanse of red maple floor, which...

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Metals Safety Information - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Goldsmiths work with metals. Our bodies react to metals, their dusts, salts and oxides. The metals that jewelers come in contact with include gold, copper, silver, zinc, iron, steel, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, titanium, niobium, aluminum and ones that we should consider not having around...

Tags: | Workshop Safety | Metals |

What's Your Sales Pitch - Should you market your work as PMC or fine silver? - By Suzanne Wade

The doors to the craft show have opened, and customers are beginning to make their way down the aisle. One stops at your booth to look at your PMC jewelry.'What is this?' she asks. That question looms large for many in the PMC community. Do you answer 'Fine Silver' or 'Precious Metal Clay'? Both are...

Tags: | Metal Clay | Business & Marketing |

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