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Wax Tools Update - By Mark B. Mann

Euro Tool, Inc. has developed five wax tool kits and a cordless wax pen for the overall improvement of wax working projects.....

Tags: | Wax Carving | Small Tools |

The TAO of Bur - By John Shanahan

Bur Goodtip, a legendary bench jeweler shows how sometimes a tool is not just a tool... We are taking a break on the back porch of his home and studio. I have spent the last five days up here with Bur, one of the great-but-largely-unknown repositories of bench jeweler arcana, and in that time I have...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Tools |

Karen Mccreary - Mystifying Acrylic - By Suzanne Wade

McCreary is no stranger to traditional jewelry making. She took her first job with a jewelry manufacturer in the early 1970s, and spent several years casting, mold making, and model making for jewelers while she studied for her B.F.A. Her current work features clear acrylic with colored lacquer...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Rules for Tools - By Charles Lewton-Brain

While it is clearly impossible to give a set of rules for each tool and procedure that goldsmiths use, this section gives some examples of the kinds of rules that may be helpful to review when using powered equipment. hand tools and processes have been left out, primarily because their dangers tend...

Tags: | Tools | Workshop Safety |

Making Carrick Mat Knot a Three-lead Four-bight Turks-head - By Loren S. Damewood

Step by Step Tutorial - Making Three-lead Four-bight Turks-head. The Turks-Head is a general class of three-dimensional knot that lends itself well to decorative uses. Materials required: 18ga Silver wire...

Tags: | Wire Working |

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