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The New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The New Clay is a serious and readable text offering polyform clays as a material for unique and production jewelry and object making. Polyform clays are PVC claylike materials which come in numerous colors, consistencies and working characteristics and are set hard by low temperature baking....

Tags: | Book reviews | Metal Clay |

Making a Forged Platinum Pearl Ring A Step by Step Project - By Jurgen J. Maerz

This project will teach welding, soldering and forging techniques. The ring is a handsome, plain design and can be applied to many applications. To make this ring, you will need....

Tags: | Platinum Fabrication |

Studio Visit - Daniel Brush - By Suzanne Ramljak

The intimate bond between Brush's creative and personal life is evident upon entering his Manhattan loft. The kitchen and dining area abut a well-equipped machine shop, while bedrooms peak out from behind a white gallery wall. The loft's dominant feature is the vast expanse of red maple floor, which...

Tags: | Studio Visit |

Thomas Mann - The Business of Reinvention - By Patricia Harris

Not so many years ago Thomas Mann figured that 2002 would be his year to retire. But the projected date has come and gone, and Mann is busier than ever with reinvention instead of retirement. The publication in 2001 of the monograph Thomas Mann: Metal Artist may have summarized his career as a...

Tags: | Behind The Design | Features |

Foldforming: Making a Basic Wedge T-fold - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This page describes the steps to making a basic wedge T-fold

Tags: | Fold Forming |

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