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Japanese Chasing Tools - By Nancy Megan Corwin

Japanese chasing tools are made from steel blanks available in Japan called tagane. Japanese chasing hammers are lightweight with long straight handles and smaller faces than European styles. They balance beautifully in the hand and are effortless to use. The type of Japanese chasing I learned was...

Tags: | Chasing and repousse | Small Tools |

Step-by-Step Project: Making a Silver Whistle - By Hans Meevis

Okay, so this is a bit esoteric. I mean, how many people do you know that make silver whistles. It all started with a commission from a captain of a racing yacht. He had lost his whistle and he wanted me to make one that also had the shape of a Christian Cross. He uses it to whistle to his crew when...

Tags: | Step-by-Step Projects |

Grisaille and Limoges - Jewelry Size Miniature Paintings - By Lilyan Bachrach

My enamel jewelry includes earrings, pins, pendants, lockets and rings done in Grisaille and Limoges techniques. Within most of the pieces are miniature paintings with images of womens faces and animals. My enamel pieces, using copper, 80 mesh enamels, ceramic pigments and foils, usually require...

Tags: | Limoges Enamel |

Maximizing the profitability of bench work - By Tina Wojtkielo

Jeffrey Johnson has two stores, 18 bench jewelers, and over 100 employees-and he still has time to work at the bench. 'I wouldn't be who I am without the bench,' he says. That's why he's got one set up in his office among leather arm chairs, file cabinets, and a desk. When a customer comes into his...

Tags: | Business & Marketing | My Studio |

Manufacturing Retailer Benefits from CAD/CAM - By Mark B. Mann

At GLJW it iss not unusual to see the sales staff wearing jewelers aprons and optivisors at one of the 25 computers showing customers Matrix CAD layouts of a proposed design. Neither is it odd to see customers watching the mill shape their jewelry or a future bride e-mailing CAD renderings of her...

Tags: | CAD/CAM |

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