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Tarnish Resistant Argentium Sterling Silver - By Glen Beres

Standard sterling silver is not a perfect material to work with firescale adds extra production costs and the tarnishing characteristic discourages potential customers. Firescale-free, highly tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling Silver eliminates these problems, and the ability of the alloy to be...

Tags: | Metals |

950 Palladium: Bench Guide - By Mark B. Mann

The palladium bench guide reviews the working characteristics of palladium for the jewelry bench staff and provides an overview of the unique advantages and benefits of palladium jewelry for managers, sales professionals and consumers. It is intended to serve as a source for information on the most...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Palladium Fabrication |

Opinion - The Artist as Curator and Critic - By Susan Myers

Fortunately, change is inevitable. Even for those individuals in the art establishment who assert that artists cannot and should not be active as curators or critics. This assertion is part of a traditional art would - one built on a foundation of hierarchies and exclusions that erode any modicum of...

Tags: | Critical Notes |

Curve Ahead - Using Coils To Bend Tubing - By Jurgen J. Maerz

Many tools sold in model/hobby stores can be used for jewelry making. During a recent visit to a hobby shop, I found these tube bending coils, which model makers use to build models that require bent tubing. Jewelry makers will find these coils handy when bending tubing for projects....

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Blue Sapphire - Celestial Stone - By Sandra I. Smith

Nature lavished her finest blues upon sapphires, the "Gem of the Heavens." Although the word "sapphire" itself means blue, the gem is found in nearly all the colors of the rainbow....

Tags: | Gemstones Lore |

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