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William Frederick - Taking the Work as It Comes - By Polly Ullrich

Daniel Pedersons planishing hammer came into the possession of William Frederick in a way that still provokes emotion. Pederson, a master Norwegian silversmith renowned for his shy but courtly manners and deft hammer marks, was co-owner of the venerable Kalo Shop, one of Chicagos earliest and most...

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Product Testing: PUK 2 Precision Welder - By Wayne Lenkeit

If the thought of buying a laser welder gives the accountant in you cardiac arrest, you may have a more affordable option. The PUK 2 by Lampert Tools Inc. in Chicago is a spot welder that performs many of the same tasks that a laser welder can, such as repairing porosity and welding next to...

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Proper use of Liquid Metals - By Martin Hanson

Applying liquid gold, palladium and/or silver in the final firing of enamel pieces is something that can frequently raise the appearance of a completed piece up to the spectacular. More enamelers should use them, but they should also learn to use them correctly. If they adhere to the following...

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Some Hints on Rendering - By Charles Lewton-Brain

These pages contain a list of recommended tools to jewelry rendering, as well as a series of projects that I have used in classes. You could construct your own 'self-study' course using them....

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Small Wonders - Aromatic Adornments - By Linda Dyett

Of all the luxury commodities in the world, fragrance is the most paradoxical. Volatile and ephemeral, it nevertheless summons up our deepest hidden memories. Unseen, it is felt everywhere. Given its flyaway nature-as well as its precious ingredients-fragrance calls out for beautiful containment....

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