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World Mining Report 2005 - Eastern Europe - By Morgan Beard

Colored gemstone mining is a hard thing to pin down. The vast majority of mining is still done by independent, small-scale miners, working in remote locations and selling to buyers who pay cash and may or may not declare their gems on export. For many producing countries, particularly in Africa, the...

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Bohemian Rhapsody - Importing Barbara Seidenath - By Marjorie Simon

When Venetian glassmakers sold out their state secrets to Czech glassmakers, Jablonec began its hegemony in glass beads. The region also became renowned for through its production of costume jewelry during the second half of the 18th century, and together the two industries helped it survive...

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The Formation of Gem Materials - By Sondra Francis

The most valuable gems come from crystallized minerals that have formed under heat and pressure deep inside the earth. The perfect order of the crystal structure is what makes gemstones transparent yet durable. Crystallization of minerals is a fairly slow process, to enable it to occur, specific...

Tags: | Gemology | Handbook for the Gem Buyer |

Design Alternatives - By Suzanne Wade

Expanding the boundaries of conventional jewelry design through the use of unusual materials -- Titanium, Niobium, Copper, Metal clay, Acrylic, Resin --It is not the usual materials inventory for jewelry makers. For millennia, jewelry has been made of gold and silver, platinum and gems -- materials...

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A Little Help from My (CAD/CAM) Friends - By Anthony DeMarco

Carpal tunnel syndrome nearly ended Jesse Kaufman's career as a bench jeweler and goldsmith. But CAD/CAM technology, [Orchid] a supportive online jewelry community, and a strong commitment of time and money gave Kaufman the tools he needed to return to work as an artisan.....

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