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Tips for Designing with and Setting Delicate Gemstones - By Shannon L. Brown

Consumers today are more open to wearing unusual gems, and there is a trend among designers to incorporate less familiar stones into their work. No longer wedded to the classic trio of ruby, sapphire, and emerald, jewelry makers today are drawn to lapis, moonstone, opal, and turquoise, to name a...

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Discover the Benefits of CAD/CAM - By Steve Workman

CAD/CAM is a term that describes the two-part process of designing three-dimensional objects on a computer (CAD) and manufacturing them with a computerized machine (CAM). For many years this technology has been essential in making products from tennis shoes to automobiles, and it is rapidly gaining...

Tags: | CAD/CAM |

Manufacturing Retailer Benefits from CAD/CAM - By Mark B. Mann

At GLJW it iss not unusual to see the sales staff wearing jewelers aprons and optivisors at one of the 25 computers showing customers Matrix CAD layouts of a proposed design. Neither is it odd to see customers watching the mill shape their jewelry or a future bride e-mailing CAD renderings of her...

Tags: | CAD/CAM |

The Teacher's Role - By Charles Lewton-Brain

I believe the teacher's role is as a guide, an instigator, a devils advocate as well as instructor. A teacher should provoke the student to constant re-examination of their work, guide the student to objectivity and clarity in conceptualization and decision making in their work and to learning how...

Tags: | Critical Notes |

Craftsmanship Improvement Method - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This is a method to reduce technical problems which one repeatedly experienes. We all find during the learning process that there are times when the same problem presents itself over and over again. Sometimes when beginning one overworks pieces to death in attempts to effect repairs, getting ever...

Tags: | Beginner's Corner | Critical Notes |

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