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Book Review - Bernhard Schobinger - Jewels Now! - By Ursula Ilse Neuman

Bernhard Schobinger, one of Europes most provocative and influential jewel artists, is the subject of this handsome monograph, originally produced for the first major retrospective of his work at the Museum Bellerive in Zurich , Switzerland . Replete with striking images by photographer and video...

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A Fulfilling Absence - The Enamelware of Sarah Perkins - By Glen R. Brown

The tendency to dismiss enamelwork as a superficial art­literally, as a matter of surfaces glossing over the duller hues of base metal, and figuratively, as nothing more profound than a decorative, and therefore decadent, mode of appeal to the eye-has clearly diminished in recent decades.....

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Use Vector Tightening to Overcome Metal Memory in Prongs - By Douglas Hall

Gemstones that become loose in their settings can cause damage to both the gem and the setting. A regular inspection of jewelry can catch this problem in its early stages, before too much damage is done. Vector tightening prong-set stones is a quick, safe and effective way to secure gemstones....

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Stone Setting |

Testing Precious Metals and Their Alloys - By Prof. Dr. Erhard Brepohl

The purpose of precious metal testing is to determine, first, whether a given sample is precious or base, and, second, to determine what proportion of an alloy is precious. Sophisticated equipment is used in a precious metal laboratory to determine content and purity values with great precision, but...

Tags: | Metallurgy | Beginner's Corner |

Grimwade´s Introduction to Precious Metals - By James Binnion

About 15 years ago a friend showed me a copy of the first edition of Mark Grimwade´s Introduction to Precious Metals, and I immediately knew I wanted my own copy. Since the book was already out of print and I could not find one, I begged my friend to allow me to photocopy his. A few years...

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