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Design Briefing - A Ticket to Successful Jewelry Collections - By Barbara Schmidt

In times of increased price competition and global producers, cooperation with designers is also an important factor for large jewelry companies in order to develop new collections in a rapid and targeted manner. Increasing numbers of companies are attempting to sharpen their profiles by drawing on...

Tags: | Jewelry Design | Business & Marketing |

Chemically Induced Inclusions - Tin Inclusions - By George W. Fischer

Tin inclusions can be induced in agate and other gemstone varieties in much the same way as with copper. Just as copper inclusions are made from copper chloride, so tin inclusions are made from tin chloride. Copper chloride imparts green and finally blue-green color to the agates, but tin chloride...

Tags: | Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing |

Second skin - Testing Rhodium Plating Technique - By Neil Bell

Plenty of information has been published about how rhodium plating solutions should behave under ideal conditions-but little data and real-world information exists for manufacturers and bench jewelers to apply to their own plating operations....

Tags: | Plating & Electroforming |

Cost-Effective, Small-Scale Jewelry Photography - By Douglas Hall

Good photos of your work, or pieces you take in for repair, are invaluable. These small-scale photos, however, can be tricky to shoot without the following tips....

Tags: | Jewelry Photography |

Simple Method of Forming Jump Rings - By Lee Epperson

This paper describes a simple process of forming jump rings. These jump rings were formed from 16 guage sterling silver wire. The links will be 1/2 inches in diameter and will be used to create a pottery shard link concho belt.....

Tags: | Beginner's Corner |

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