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An example of a paper die: after David Walker's version - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The annealed metal is placed in a sandwich between soft 'pusher' paper and a hard paper which will serve as a monoprint paper die to emboss the metal sheet. The metal may be pre-polished....

Tags: | Fabrication | Surface Manipulation |

A Fulfilling Absence - The Enamelware of Sarah Perkins - By Glen R. Brown

The tendency to dismiss enamelwork as a superficial art­literally, as a matter of surfaces glossing over the duller hues of base metal, and figuratively, as nothing more profound than a decorative, and therefore decadent, mode of appeal to the eye-has clearly diminished in recent decades.....

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Fearless Platinum Repairs - By Jurgen J. Maerz

What does it take to be successful at repairing, customizing, and servicing platinum jewelry? First, an understanding of properties unique to platinum. When platinum is mined, it is usually found with one or more of its five sister metals, called the platinum group metals: palladium, osmium,...

Tags: | Platinum Fabrication | Repairs |

Three Details That Have a Big Impact on Jewelry Buyers - By Michael Bondanza

Quality matters to Michael Bondanza; he has been known to rebuild entire finished pieces -- some containing hundreds of precisely inlaid stones and articulated component parts -- to ensure that the gems aligned exactly, the hinges opened smoothly, and every detail met his exacting standards. Such...

Tags: | Business & Marketing | Critical Notes |

Tourmaline - A gift from nature - By Sandra I. Smith

Tourmaline is one of the most unusual of all gemstones. Unlike other gems, which we often identify with a single color, tourmaline comes in every hue. Often more than one color occurs in the same crystal. Watermelon tourmaline, which is pale....

Tags: | Gemstones Lore |

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