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Tips for modeling prong settings in CAD - By Charlie Herner

If you´re designing jewelry using CAD, understanding how the piece will be cast and then set and finished at the bench can mean the difference between failure and success. When modeling prong settings, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure the best results for your pieces. I learned the...

Tags: | CAD/CAM | Stone Setting |

Tanzanite - A blue and purple beauty - By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz and Julie Nash

Due to tanzanite fragile nature, the stone is very easy to abrade, scratch, or chip during the setting process. When hammering or tightening a tanzanite, use great care and develop a habit of regularly checking for proper fit and metal contact with the stone as you go. Abrasions and scratches often...

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Design and Technology Drives Growth for Hart Jewelers - By Mark B. Mann

Hart Jewelers in Grants Pass, OR has been a family owned store for over 50 years. Owner Tom Hart proclaims, "Our customer is the most important person in our store" and thats clearly apparent in the way the staff interacts with clients, sells and services jewelry throughout the day. "By keeping up...

Tags: | CAD/CAM |

Free Full eBook: The Jewelry Maker - By Elaine D. Luther

Full eBook.48 Pages: Jewelry and metalsmithing are hard work, and also very rewarding. There is great pleasure in creating with one´s hands, in the process of taking raw materials and creating something. It´s also fun to get dirty, and to bang really loud on a piece of metal. It´s...

Tags: | Beginner's Corner | Selected Bibliography List |

Trade Show Marketing Tip - By Suzanne Wade

At most trade shows, you could stock up on enough pens, notepads, tote bags, and keychains to start a thriving second business as a flea-market dealer. The problem with such giveaways isn't that they aren't useful; it's that there are so many such items handed out that they make only a minimal...

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

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