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Optical and Physical Properties of Gemstones - By Sondra Francis

The beauty, color, and brilliance of each different gemstone variety is a result of its unique set of physical and optical properties. Gemologists study these properties to identify gemstones and to read where they are from and how they were formed. Many people spend their lives studying this...

Tags: | Gemology | Handbook for the Gem Buyer |

Tourmaline - A gift from nature - By Sandra I. Smith

Tourmaline is one of the most unusual of all gemstones. Unlike other gems, which we often identify with a single color, tourmaline comes in every hue. Often more than one color occurs in the same crystal. Watermelon tourmaline, which is pale....

Tags: | Gemstones Lore |

Basic bead setting - By Charles Lewton-Brain

First the stone's diameter is measured at the pavillion and a dent is made in the metal for the pilot drill (about 1mm diameter). Then the metal is drilled through. The metal is drilled again until the hole is about 3/4 the size of the stone's diameter. Lubricate the drill bit. As long as there is a...

Tags: | Stone Setting |

Champleve - Etching with PnP Paper - By Katharine S. Wood

The use of PnP paper-originally designed to create printed circuit boards-to meet the artistic needs of metalsmiths, jewelers, and enamelists. With results similar to photo etching, but without the expense and more complex procedures, the heat transfer method using PnP has revolutionized the world...

Tags: | Etching | Champleve |

Dissecting the Atom - New gem identification techniques - By Marlene A. Prost

This is an exciting era for gemologists. High-tech analytical techniques now make it possible to identify trace elements, treatments, and origins of colored stones that could only be guessed at decades ago. For example, when the gem world was rocked last fall by mysterious, processed orange...

Tags: | Gemology |

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