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Mohs - On A Scale of One to Ten - By Sandra I. Smith

Although gemstones are hard substances, they aren't indestructible. Some can be ruined by contact with certain chemicals, while others break easily. Many are susceptible to surface scratching, which can ruin them....

Tags: | Gemology |

Cloisonne Primer - History of cloisonne technique - By Woodrow Carpenter

In the late 20s, a small enamel tray, made in China, introduced us to the word cloisonne. The material looked like the granite ware in our kitchen. Obviously the wires were used to keep the colors separated. Then, cloisonne was enamel with wires separating the colors. Simplicity, pure and simple....

Tags: | Jewelry History | Enameling History | Cloisonne Enamel |

Fork Lifting - By Anne Barros

The fork that lays to the left of the dinner plate has a rich past, not often enough considered when twirling spaghetti around its tines. Functionally it fills the need to spear and pick up food. Its antecedents were probably the stick and skewer used for cooking over an open fire. Successive ages...

Tags: | Features |

950 Palladium: Fashioning the Perfect Contrast - By Mark B. Mann

Striking differences between elements such as color, tone, texture, reflection, refraction, pattern and shape create contrast. Contrast not only enhances the qualities of each juxtaposed element, but can also create a pleasing balance in a design. Jewelry designs featuring the richness of yellow and...

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication |

Sitting on a Nest: Ensuring a Piece Heats Evenly - By Alan Revere

One of the most difficult aspects of soldering is to heat the piece properly so that the solder will flow. For jobs involving small items, such as soldering the seam on a jump ring, this entails concentrated heating in a localized area, Most times, though, you must heat the entire piece of metal,...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks |

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