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Introduction to Japanese Alloys - By Eitoku Sugimori

Japanese artists have contributed significantly by using their unique alloys in innovative combinations. Perhaps the best example of this is mokume-gane, a lamination process in which layers of various alloys are manipulated to create a rich pattern. In addition, Japanese work of many periods shows...

Tags: | Metals | Japanese Patinas |

Grinding Wheel Safety Thoughts - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Besides the safety instructions that you get from a tool manufacturer in the tool manual it may be necessary for you to write your own sets of rules up to keep you out of trouble. This is especially important with employees. What follows is an example of thinking about what can go wrong with a tool....

Tags: | Workshop Safety | Shop Machines |

Proper use of Liquid Metals - By Martin Hanson

Applying liquid gold, palladium and/or silver in the final firing of enamel pieces is something that can frequently raise the appearance of a completed piece up to the spectacular. More enamelers should use them, but they should also learn to use them correctly. If they adhere to the following...

Tags: | Enameling |

Gas handling - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Jewelers work with compressed gases of all kinds, in torch systems, kilns, casting machines, abrasive blasters, laser welding machines needing argon and more. Many of these gases are flammable and an explosion hazard, acetylene, propane and hydrogen are examples. Oxygen is often used with these...

Tags: | Workshop Safety |

The Why's and How's of Profitable Jewelry Design & Repair - By David S. Geller

A few years ago, Jewelers Circular Magazine reported that over 75% of all retail jewelers in America lose money on their jewelers....Making a living dealing with labor intensive dollars can be a real headache. It also can be enjoyable and profitable, if it's done right. Today, you'll get some very...

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

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