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Wire Drawing Hints - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The trick to drawing wire by hand is to grasp the tapered end that sticks out the front of the drawplate with the pliers in such a way that there are some 5 mm of play; of movement back and forth to the drawplate. Push the draw tongs up to the plate so that when you start to draw there is a little...

Tags: | Wire Working |

The New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The New Clay is a serious and readable text offering polyform clays as a material for unique and production jewelry and object making. Polyform clays are PVC claylike materials which come in numerous colors, consistencies and working characteristics and are set hard by low temperature baking....

Tags: | Book reviews | Metal Clay |

Electroplating rectifier safety thoughts - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The "General Safety Rules for Tools" article applies here too, as with all power tools. Read the instruction manuals and directions most carefully. Plating and stripping solutions usually contain cyanides, bases or acids which, if mixed together, are used improperly or carelessly or come in contact...

Tags: | Workshop Safety | Plating & Electroforming |

New Territory: Etienne Perret Explores with ´ Gem Ceramic ´ - By Shannon L. Brown

It´s harder than steel, more durable than enamel, can be worn for years without scratching, and costs less than half the price of gold. It´s not science fiction; it´s the high-end ´gem ceramic´ jewelry made by Etienne Perret of Salon Etienne in Camden, Maine. The...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

From Design to the Finished Pieces; Palladium and Pearl Earrings - By Mark B. Mann

These 950 Palladium earrings were designed by Tom McLaughlin of Lennons Jewelers, Syracuse, NY. The top portion of the design is bead set with small round brilliant diamonds on one side. When worn, the bottom portion swivels and is bead set with small round brilliant diamonds on both sides. The two...

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication |

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