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Basic Gypsy (flush mount) Setting - By Charles Lewton-Brain

First the stone's diameter is measured at the pavillion and a dent is made in metal for the pilot drill (about 1mm diameter). Then the metal is drilled The metal is drilled again until the hole is about 3/4 the size of the diameter. Lubricate the drill bit. As long as there is a 0.3 mm seat left...

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Enameling Malleable Copper - By Tom Ellis

Early in the 1400's someone discovered that a design of juxta- positioned colored enamels would not intermingle when heated to their fusing temperature. Partitions were not necessary! Then someone found that one color could be applied over another with a second firing. The big discovery-thin...

Tags: | Enamel painting |

Stone Setting - A Crowning Achievement - By Bradney W. Simon

Often jewelers are called upon to hand fabricate a crown to fit a stone. This is necessary when either the stone is a non-standard shape, or the crown needs to fit a particular design. Although one will seldom hand fabricate a simple round basket crown, constructing one gives the jeweler the basic...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Stone Setting |

The Emergence of Modern Jewelry, From 1960 Through 1998 - By Jan Jensen

The Jewelry Museum of Pforzheim possesses one of the most remarkable collections of modern jewelry. This exhibition of works, which is divided into four decades, offers a captivating view of the emergence and development of an entirely new jewelry philosophy. Its way paved by a few forerunners, this...

Tags: | Jewelry History |

Holding Steady - What a Bench Jeweler Can Learn From a Sniper - By Gary Dawson

As the target comes into focus and the operator aligns the crosshairs, elements of the world slowly cease to exist until the only things left are the target and the operator´s breath. As the rhythm of her respiration cycles -- breathe in, breathe out, pause; breathe in, breathe out, pause --...

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