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Some notes on Dapping tools - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Dapping tools are punches with a ball shaped end. As they are used to dome metal discs and making halves of beads they are sometimes called doming punches. They are usually used with a dapping block, a square or rectangular block of steel or wood which has perfect hemispherical indentations in...

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Mohs - On A Scale of One to Ten - By Sandra I. Smith

Although gemstones are hard substances, they aren't indestructible. Some can be ruined by contact with certain chemicals, while others break easily. Many are susceptible to surface scratching, which can ruin them....

Tags: | Gemology |

Shop the Show - Things to think about to get the most out of a Trade Show - By Charles Lewton-Brain

MJSA's Mary Walek asked me to do a session called "Shop the Show" in New York. When I first read the description of the presentation I had to give I had to think hard. Don't we all know how to shop already? And at a trade show too, where we know why we are there....

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Some useful North American addresses for equipment, materials and information - By Charles Lewton-Brain

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Beryl, Red Beryl and Synthetic Red Beryl - By Edna B. Anthony

The varieties of beryl found worldwide include one of the most prized and one of the lesser valued of gemstones. The now exhausted mines south of Koseir in Egypt provided Cleopatra with precious emeralds, including, reportedly, one engraved with her portrait. Goshen, Massachusetts is a source of the...

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