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Better & Safer Etching - Metal Salt Etching, Resists & Resist Removal - By Gail Nelson

Metalsmiths and enamelists have used ferric chloride for several years as a safer alternative to nitric acid for copper and brass etching purposes. Although it is generally thought of as etching with an acid, ferric chloride is actually a salt. Etching and resist removal solutions recently developed...

Tags: | Etching |

At the Bench Maintenance Schedule - By Stuller

Take a look around you. Chances are there is a flex-shaft or a dust collector you´ve neglected because you´ve been too busy making jewelry. As you put your heart and soul into your work, don´t forget to take a little time to give some TLC to your bench tools and equipment. Follow...

Tags: | Tools | Workshop Safety |

Fold-Forming Rolled Fold: Heistad Cup - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Rolled folds are folds which utilize the rolling mill and it's unique properties of equal, directional pressure on the plastic metal. Many pleated folds work well as do a series of flattened T-folds of various types. This one demonstrates the fold-forming priniciple of This rolled fold is called a...

Tags: | Fold Forming |

Japanese Patinas - The Patina Studio - By Eitoku Sugimori

It is impossible to pretend that a single description of tools, materials, and equipment will suit all needs. Obviously these elements will depend on the scale of the work you do, the layout of your studio, and the resources at your disposal. A sculptor working in large-scale bronze castings will...

Tags: | Japanese Patinas |

New Territory: Etienne Perret Explores with ´ Gem Ceramic ´ - By Shannon L. Brown

It´s harder than steel, more durable than enamel, can be worn for years without scratching, and costs less than half the price of gold. It´s not science fiction; it´s the high-end ´gem ceramic´ jewelry made by Etienne Perret of Salon Etienne in Camden, Maine. The...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

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