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Devil's Advocate; Death of the Thai Ruby - By Richard W. Hughes

This article discusses the decline of Thailand’s ruby mining industry. The author warns that Thailand faces future problems is the country’s leaders do not pay greater attention to environmental protection....

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Tips for expanding your arsenal of polishing tools - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The mantra of polishing jewelry is the shinier the better - and obtaining polishing perfection takes skill and practice. It also helps to have the right tools in your polishing arsenal. The following are some suggestions for tools and tricks you can use to obtain a better shine....

Tags: | Polishing | Small Tools |

Inquire Within: The Holloware of David Huang - By Ann L. Larsen

Several disparate techniques and a clear personal philosophy came together over a period of years to produce these extraordinary pieces. Born in 1971 in Michigan, Huang settled on visual art as a career even before he entered high school. By his senior year, five of his six classes were studio art,...

Tags: | Features | Behind The Design |

Project Patience - Michael David Sturlin sets his own pace - By Tina Wojtkielo

With the quartz as the central focal point of the 'Reflecting Pond Necklace,' Sturlin had to design a chain that could support its weight. He started crocheting 18k red gold wire—75 feet of it to be exact—to create a two-strand chain....

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Goldsmithing Health Hazards - By Linda Weiss

This article briefly reviews issues of studio safety and discusses ways of recognizing risks in the studio and reducing hazard by substitution of materials or processes. Hygiene: In the Workshop and Personal Hygiene, Safety with Equipment Machinery, Metalworking Machinery, Studio Illumination,...

Tags: | Workshop Safety |

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