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Goldsmithing in the Future - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This article is a set of predictions for what the jewelers bench and workshop will experience in technological change in the future....

Tags: | Critical Notes |

Gem Care - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This slim paperback book is a real addition to the book collections of the working jeweler, the jewelry shop owner, the gemologist and interestingly also to your customer, the general public. Wow! It is a compilation of straightforward information on how to take care of gems and jewelry and covers...

Tags: | Book reviews |

Cufflinks, Sleeve Statements - By Anna Schwaderer and Christel Trimborn

Although it can do two things at once - combine form and function - cufflinks disappeared from the world of mens shirt sleeves for a long time. However, a new generation of cufflinks is conquering the market and taking it by storm.... ...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

Metaphors in Metal, Manfred Bischoff - Structuralist Jewelry - By Patricia Harris and David Lyon

Manfred Bischoff has a fascination with language. Like many Europeans of his generation, Bischoff is fluent in several languages, including German, English, French, and Italian. And, as an artist of his generation, he is similarly versed in aesthetic theory that arises from deep structure...

Tags: | Features | Behind The Design |

Cool Hunting in the Jewelry World - By Charles Lewton-Brain

One of my roles for the last few years has been that of an innovation awards judge for MJSA. This means I cruise the aisles of trade shows in New York, Tucson and Las Vegas, trying to spot new shifts and upcoming changes. This allows me a small identification as a cool hunter. This short article is...

Tags: | Features |

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