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Live And Let Die (Struck) - By Fred Klotz

In a manufacturing environment, there are numerous pitfalls and problems that will conspire to prevent successful completion of a job. Some of these problems may be complex and involve highly technical investigations, explanations and resolutions; however, many are basic, avoidable mistakes that are...

Tags: | Jewelry Mass Production | Die Forming |

Packing Ideas - Presenting and Displaying Watches and Jewelry - By kph

These days, great demands am placed on display materials and packaging. They must be inexpensive, part of an integrated communication system, easy to handle, attractive, and of course be a good creative fit with the design....

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing - The Blacks - By George W. Fischer

There are only two ways that I know of to induce black into gemstone. One of these involves carbon while the other is silver. Theoretically, there should be several other methods possible. I have tested these out however, and they have proved impractical. But black is black, so multiple means of...

Tags: | Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing |

A Universal Expanding Ring Mandrel for the Small Lathe - By Nick Carter

The other week a friend came by the shop for some jewelry related lathe help. She was using a ring holder meant for benchwork (GRS Benchmate) to chuck her rings, both waxes and metal) for turning. While her holder worked, I thought I could come up with something better. Based on the Taig #1132 Blank...

Tags: | Tools | Homemade Tools |

Rules for Tools - By Charles Lewton-Brain

While it is clearly impossible to give a set of rules for each tool and procedure that goldsmiths use, this section gives some examples of the kinds of rules that may be helpful to review when using powered equipment. hand tools and processes have been left out, primarily because their dangers tend...

Tags: | Tools | Workshop Safety |

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