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Key Terms Used in Metal Forming - By Betty Helen Longhi & Cynthia Eid

Some of the nomenclature used in forming will be familiar but some might be new. Air pocket, Anticlast, Axis, Axial curve/Axial line, Bay, Bouge (booj), Compound curve form, Course, Cross peen, Furrow, Monocurve form, Planish, Radial Curve/Radial Axis, Stake and Synclast....

Tags: | Metal Forming |

Shop the Show - Things to think about to get the most out of a Trade Show - By Charles Lewton-Brain

MJSA's Mary Walek asked me to do a session called "Shop the Show" in New York. When I first read the description of the presentation I had to give I had to think hard. Don't we all know how to shop already? And at a trade show too, where we know why we are there....

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Goldsmithing Health Hazards - By Linda Weiss

This article briefly reviews issues of studio safety and discusses ways of recognizing risks in the studio and reducing hazard by substitution of materials or processes. Hygiene: In the Workshop and Personal Hygiene, Safety with Equipment Machinery, Metalworking Machinery, Studio Illumination,...

Tags: | Workshop Safety |

Making filigree wire - By Leon Hornstein

One of the necessary steps in making filigree is the forming of the wire. It is made by twisting very tightly two pieces of very small silver wire and then flattened. Either sterling or fine grade silver wire may be used. Fine is preferred, even though it is a bit more expensive but because it is...

Tags: | Filigree | Wire Working |

Stonesetting: Engraved bezel with vertical walls - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Stonesetting has been a part of goldsmithing for as long as people have worked in precious metals. Perhaps the oldest and most used setting has been the bezel. The simplest form of the bezel is a ring of metal fitting the circumference of the enclosed cabachon or tapered material soldered onto a...

Tags: | Stone Setting |

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