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Fold-Forming: T-Fold Boat Fold - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The boat fold branch of T-folds is an interesting avenue. It permits you to have a curving, concave table, and to produce shaped tables as well as other complex derivations. The basic boat is begun by making a wedge T-fold. After the first angle is made the loop is tipped inthe other direction and...

Tags: | Fold Forming |

Manufacturing a White Gold and Turquoise Cameo Granulated Pendant - By Mark B. Mann

This article covers techniques for making this custom designed 14-karat white and 22-karat yellow gold granulated pendant for a customers turquoise cameo purchased while traveling overseas. The cameo will be set in a wire loop bezel and the 22-karat yellow gold granulation will be completed after...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

Solder Flow Retardant Notes - By Charles Lewton-Brain

While goldsmiths normally strive to have their solder flow easily, there are times you don't want it to flow, such as spilling over a decorated surface, if it 'freezes' a mechanism, or if it threatens to open a gap in a seam soldered earlier in a construction. The best way of not melting earlier...

Tags: | Soldering |

The Why's and How's of Profitable Jewelry Design & Repair - By David S. Geller

A few years ago, Jewelers Circular Magazine reported that over 75% of all retail jewelers in America lose money on their jewelers....Making a living dealing with labor intensive dollars can be a real headache. It also can be enjoyable and profitable, if it's done right. Today, you'll get some very...

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Linda Threadgill: Conceptualizing Ornament - By Glen R. Brown

Threadgills keen interest in ornament undoubtedly arises from her longstanding practice of etching motifs into the surfaces of her works, a process that she began perfecting as early as her graduate student days. In 1984, after studying the manner in which printed circuit boards were...

Tags: | Features | Behind The Design |

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