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An Overview of Platinum Casting - By Christopher J. Cart

As in all manufacturing processes, evaluations and systematic process controls must be applied to platinum casting. As a caster you should constantly improve the quality of product by logical evaluation, technical innovation and process control. Below is a chronological list and description of the...

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The Nuances of Small Stakes and Anvils - By William Fretz

Shaping a bezel on stakes is a process of forming the metal by stretching. First the metal is bent with pliers to fit the gem, forming a shape smaller than the stone while following its contour. The gauge of the sheet metal chosen is slightly thicker than the final result. As the process unfolds,...

Tags: | Small Tools | Stone Setting |

Emerald - By Richard W. Wise

Though emerald is undoubtedly precious, it is certainly not among the new precious stones. Before the discovery of emerald in Colombia in the sixteenth century, the green variety of corundum was called oriental emerald. The only source of true emerald known to early Mediterranean cultures was the...

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Manufacturing and Hand Engraving 950 Palladium Signet Ring - By Mark B. Mann

The natural beauty of this white, bright and light palladium ring is enhanced with hand engraving of initials done in relief. 950 palladium manufacturing methods and techniques covered in this project are: ...

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication | Engraving |

Collecting Rhinestone and Colored Stone Jewelry - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This book by Maryanne Dolan is in its third edition and is clearly a required text for those interested in buying, selling and evaluating rhinestone jewelry. The Rhinestone Jewelry market has grown over the past few years as anyone who goes into antique shops knows. What you might not be aware of is...

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