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David Secrest - The Man with X-Ray Vision - By Barbra Brady

David Secrest is to the manor of craftsmen born. Coming from a family of creative peoplehis father a potter, his mother a painter, his brother Peter now a respected contemporary glass artist - he notes that his training derived from handson observing and assisting, rather than through formal...

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Chain Making Project - By Two Suns Trading Co. Inc.

This project is for beginners that wish to become silversmiths, part time or full time. Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this faster with the use of mechanical tools, but you are doing this project to learn how to use your frame saw and how to solder... ()

Tags: | Chain Making | Beginner's Corner |

Trade Show Marketing Tip - By Suzanne Wade

At most trade shows, you could stock up on enough pens, notepads, tote bags, and keychains to start a thriving second business as a flea-market dealer. The problem with such giveaways isn't that they aren't useful; it's that there are so many such items handed out that they make only a minimal...

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Creative Uses for Duct Tape at the Bench - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Ask any bench jeweler the best way to secure a band-aid to his or her cut finger during a day of working at the bench, and duct tape is bound to enter into the equation. Most jewelers have used duct tape to bind cuts and secure various pieces of equipment in the shop. The following are some other...

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Some Safety Notes Regarding Sand Casting - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Sand casting is used extensively for large-scale casting, such as engine blocks, and the grates that one sees around trees in cities on sidewalks, and sand casting used to be the primary method of casting in the jewelry field, and still, in some places, it remains important for larger components and...

Tags: | Sand Casting | Workshop Safety |

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