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Set Up Your Torch - By Lexi Erickson

OK. You have just brought home your first acetylene tank and are ready to attach your new acetylene/air torch. This is the day you have dreamed of -- soldering at home, in your workshop -- yet there is that nagging doubt in the back of your head. You have heard horror stories of tanks, fires and...

Tags: | Soldering | Beginner's Corner |

Amber - Petrified Sunlight - By Sandra I. Smith

Amber's warmth and rich glow convinced our earliest ancestors that it was petrified sunlight. Later, others believed it to be the hardened tears of a goddess. Those who were more earthy described amber as fossilized lynx urine....

Tags: | Gemstones Lore |

[Book] Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa - By Matthieu Cheminée

In this beautiful and personal volume, readers are invited to visit the sparse market stalls, examine the heirloom tools and meet the craftsmen responsible for the living tradition of jewelry in West Africa. Legacy offers step-by-step investigations into many working processes as well as fascinating...

Tags: | Book reviews | Selected Bibliography List |

What You Can Do to Ensure The Best Refining Experience - By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Today´s record metals prices have probably encouraged you to be more diligent than ever about capturing every last bit of precious metal dust in your shop. With gold in the $1,600 to $1,700 range at presstime, never before have your old polishing buffs, dust collection filters, and carpets...

Tags: | Refining |

Fitting the Mold - Comparing natural rubber and silicone - By Suzanne Wade

Natural rubber or silicone rubber? In the world of lost wax casting, this question is hardly an academic one. The mold material chosen must be up to the task of turning a single original model into hundreds or even thousands of wax models for casting, and choosing the wrong material can lead to some...

Tags: | Jewelry Mass Production | Mold Making |

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