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Making a Three-Stone Dangle Pendant - By Mark B. Mann

The assembly of this three stone pendant pendant appears simple but when using traditional methods to position and join the tiny parts it can be tricky and time consuming. Each of the bezel units will be connected by jump rings and will dangle when finished. Tack- and pulse-arc welding technology...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

Dermatitis and the Jeweler - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Dermatitis is a group of skin conditions that may often be contracted by exposure to chemicals and metals. These may include scaling, splitting, eczema and so on. Dermatitis is a real hazard for jewelers. Metal workers suffer high rates of skin disorders....

Tags: | Health Hazard |

Making filigree wire - By Leon Hornstein

One of the necessary steps in making filigree is the forming of the wire. It is made by twisting very tightly two pieces of very small silver wire and then flattened. Either sterling or fine grade silver wire may be used. Fine is preferred, even though it is a bit more expensive but because it is...

Tags: | Filigree | Wire Working |

Full Bezel Setting for Cabochon Stones - By Gerald N. Lewy

One of the most basic designs in stone setting is "Bezel Setting". It is so rudimentary in its concept. It is very pleasing to the eye also in its simplicity. This concept blends with the smooth vertical shape of the stone. There are no sharp corners, only gradual flowing lines to conform to the...

Tags: | Stone Setting |

[Book] Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa - By Matthieu Cheminée

In this beautiful and personal volume, readers are invited to visit the sparse market stalls, examine the heirloom tools and meet the craftsmen responsible for the living tradition of jewelry in West Africa. Legacy offers step-by-step investigations into many working processes as well as fascinating...

Tags: | Book reviews | Selected Bibliography List |

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