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Product Review: Burnishing Compound MF610 (Stuller) - By Mark B. Mann

After several years of use, the small stainless-steel pins in my magnetic finisher had became dark, were stuck together and yielding poor results when tumbling precious metal mountings. Seeking advice for improvement, I turned to Andy Kroungold, Stullers tool specialist....

Tags: | Tumbling |

Oregon Sunstone - By Marlene A. Prost

Shot through with copper, sunstone from this locality has mesmerized miners and designers alike. It has inspired vacation rockhounds to put down stakes in Oregon's mining country, and has spawned a hearty fraternity of diggers determined to bring the Oregon state stone into the sunlight....

Tags: | GemBiz |

Cupric Nitrate Patination of Metals - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This patination solution gives you a range of greens, olives, browns, black, turquoise and yellow-greens on many metals because it is a surface finish. It is quite adhesive and controllable. You do however need adequate ventilation....

Tags: | Patination |

What Happens To Pearl Oysters When The World Gets Warmer? - By Suzanne Wade

Warming waters, changes in weather patterns, and increases in storm activity may all affect the future success of pearl farms, both freshwater and ocean-based. Precisely what impact they will have is a little harder to determine: Relatively little research has been done into oyster husbandry....

Tags: | GemBiz |

Fearless Platinum Repairs - By Jurgen J. Maerz

What does it take to be successful at repairing, customizing, and servicing platinum jewelry? First, an understanding of properties unique to platinum. When platinum is mined, it is usually found with one or more of its five sister metals, called the platinum group metals: palladium, osmium,...

Tags: | Platinum Fabrication | Repairs |

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