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Hints on making tubing - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Not all sizes and wall thicknesses of tube come seamless from a factory or refiner. Especially when working in gold it is not cost effective or timely to order in a specific tube size, material, or wall thickness. There are many times when you need a piece of tubing, you don't have it, and you can't...

Tags: | Tubing | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Zircon - By Sondra Francis

Zircons were called "jacinth" or "hyacinth" in older writings. Zircons are exceptionally brilliant gemstones; the high zircon has the highest refractive index of any natural transparent gemstone. High zircons are usually blue or colorless. Fine blue zircons are rare, but they are exceptionally...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Gemstones Information |

Precious Gems: The History of a Concept - By Richard W. Wise

The idea that a given material is, by nature, precious, is a relatively recent one. The idea that one material was precious while another was merely semi-precious simply did not exist in ancient times. The idea of dividing gemstones into the categories of precious and semi-precious is a relatively...

Tags: | Gemology | Gemstones Information |

Considerations in Image Creation in Photography - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Now we're going to start talking about taking the picture - actually getting closer to taking the image. There's a couple of things that we need to think about. One of them is the size of the object in proportion to the image area (remember any cropping action your camera will inflict on the image...

Tags: | Jewelry Photography |

Keum-Boo - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This Korean technique for applying 24k gold to silver is in fact widely used in various cultures; Japanese, Chinese and in the west historically primarily to adhere gold to iron, steel and copper. I found few historical mentions in the west of application of gold to silver using the same methods...

Tags: | Keum-Boo |

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