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Fine Silver Granulation - Part 2 - By Sandra Buchholz

Granulation involves placing and fusing tiny balls of silver on the surface of the backsheet in a preplanned design. The mixture of Hide Glue, flux and water is used to temporarily hold the granules in place until they are fused....

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Studio Visit - Doug Wilson - By Ellen Wieske

Sarah's Way is the name of the short dirt road leading up to Wilson's studio and home. He, his wife mixed-media artist Jennifer Morrow Wilson, their eight-year-old daughter Sarah, and 'Dog' the dog live here. It is a two-story wooden frame home that Doug and Jennifer designed and built...

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Multi-Metal Lamination - aka Metal Overlay - By Sandra Noble Goss

Multi-metal Lamination is a type of 'faux' married metal which produces a freer, more 'painterly' effect than the hard-edge, highly graphic, married metal. It is a technique in which designs may appear to float over other shapes and patterns. MML may be used in a figurative way or to produce...

Tags: | Fabrication | Metals |

950 Palladium: Bench Guide - By Mark B. Mann

The palladium bench guide reviews the working characteristics of palladium for the jewelry bench staff and provides an overview of the unique advantages and benefits of palladium jewelry for managers, sales professionals and consumers. It is intended to serve as a source for information on the most...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Palladium Fabrication |

Customize Your Tools - Curved Tip Melee Tweezers - By Steve Satow

These tweezers are great for gripping melee when straight tips don´t give you enough clearance. They allow you to slide melee down the channel without loosing your grip....

Tags: | Customize Your Tools |

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