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Enamel Preparation - By Woodrow Carpenter

The traditional method of enamel preparation was described by Cunynghame and Chapin. Large chunks of enamel were wrapped in a piece of cloth and broken with a hammer. The cloth was to prevent the particles from flying about, getting into one's eye or being lost. When the enamel had been broken into...

Tags: | Enameling |

Vibratory finishing - Spinning Away Waste - By Sallie Guskey

Chemical and mechanical processing work together to treat the vibratory finishing wastewater at Aro-Sac, increasing production, making the water reusable and rendering the sludge a non-hazardous waste...

Tags: | Tumbling | Jewelry Mass Production |

Step By Step: Basic Braiding - By Nanz Aalund

[Step by Step] This five-strand spiral braid is made using one of the many textile techniques that Professor Arline Fisch demonstrated at the "Textile Techniques in Metals" workshop at the Bead&Button Show in June 2006. The simplicity of this technique offers quick and beautiful results even for a...

Tags: | Step-by-Step Projects | Chain Making |

Morro Redondo Tourmaline - By Mark Liccini

This is a report on the largest occurrence of Tourmaline in the history of Brazil gem mining; the Morro Redound Tourmaline of the State of Minas Gerias Brazil. The material was first discovered in 1992 near the village of Morro Redondo, in the northeast of Minas Gerias....

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Testing the Wolf Adjustable Trimmer in the shop - By Mark Maxwell

In my 25 years of working as a goldsmith, I have always looked for tools that make my life easier -- tools that make me more efficient and therefore more profitable. And I´m not an easy sell. Although I have embraced CAD/CAM in the past few years and produce many of my models on a milling...

Tags: | Wax Working | Shop Machines |

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