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Better & Safer Etching - Metal Salt Etching, Resists & Resist Removal - By Gail Nelson

Metalsmiths and enamelists have used ferric chloride for several years as a safer alternative to nitric acid for copper and brass etching purposes. Although it is generally thought of as etching with an acid, ferric chloride is actually a salt. Etching and resist removal solutions recently developed...

Tags: | Etching |

Crafting a Better Show - By Suzanne Wade

For jewelry artists, it iss an opportunity to sell work that has become difficult to place at price-conscious mainstream jewelry stores. For the public, it iss a chance to buy innovative jewelry that they might otherwise never have seen. And for the savvy retailer -- be it a gallery owner or just an...

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Fold-Forming: Rolled Fold Procedures, Plunkett Fold - By Charles Lewton-Brain

One of the most intriguing, and fastest ways to make fold-forms are in the Rolled fold part of the system. Rolled folds use the special, even pressure of the rolling mill to work the metal. They are either a package folded up and put through the mill like a Heistad Cup or are set up so that one side...

Tags: | Fold Forming |

A Look at Pearl Quality - By Anne Sasso

When buying cultured pearls, consumers must consider several quality characteristics that are very different from the four C's of diamonds or gemstones. Nacre quality is very important. The nacre is the layers of protective coating - a pearly substance - that grows around a pearl nucleus. Experts...

Tags: | Pearls |

A Second Look at Tiger's Eye - By Anne Sasso

For the past 125 years, textbooks and museum displays have relied on the beauty of tiger's eye to add interest to an often dry description of pseudomorphism, a term that simply means the replacement of one mineral by another while preserving the form of the original mineral. Mineralogists once...

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

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