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Studio Visit - Tom Joyce - By Ellen Berkovitch

The anvil anchors his studio. Rows of hammers and tools along one long wall communicate with the storage of rolling stock on another. Hung from the ceiling, a forged iron spike pierces a fluted-edge home of newspaper. That is a Joyce sculpture, exploring the confluence of the long-lived and the...

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Diamonds - By Sondra Francis

If you are shopping for a large diamond, .75 carat or more, you should look for a loose stone, or ask the stone be removed from the mounting if possible. When it is loose ask to see the stone weighed. Have the seller show you its color grade and show you its flaws under magnification. Look at the...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Diamonds |

Man-made Gem Materials - By Sondra Francis

The first man-made gem materials dates back a few thousand years; early Romans made glass beads and gems. Since natural materials are also in short supply and often hard to mine, man will look for alternatives. Glass gem substitutes are still with us. Glass can be made in any color and it can take...

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The Work of Jennifer Crupi - By Sarah Tanguy

Cool, glistening, and vaguely human, Jennifer Crupi's sculpture and jewelry arouse curiosity even as they evoke fear. While the power of body language in art is typically linked with dance, theater, and especially mime, the interplay between thought and gesture takes center stage in Crupi's work. At...

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How to make a Tumbler - By Alan Lewis

The construction process is simple enough if you have basic do-it-yourself skills. Firstly, assemble the timber frame as shown below using a length of 4x2 inch planed timber and a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood. In my case the base was 39 inches long by 16 inches wide. The plywood base was screwed to the...

Tags: | Homemade Tools |

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