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Soldering Many Parts at Once with a Pourable Soldering Jig - By Charles Lewton-Brain

There is a great way of doing very complex and repeated solderings in one go. This very important method uses casting and soldering investment is to set up multiple solderings at once. The idea is that you take clay (I prefer real clay, not plasticine - less oil and grease present to impede...

Tags: | Soldering |

Product Testing - Platinum-enhanced Gold - By Mike Binnion

Following the release of its Sterling with Platinum alloy, ABI Precious Metals in Carson, California, has developed yellow gold alloys that contain platinum. Having had success casting the Sterling with Platinum, we were curious to see how the new yellow gold alloys measured up. ABI sent us three...

Tags: | Metallurgy |

Cleaning Metal Surfaces - By Charles Lewton-Brain

For all metal coloring and electroplating a clean metal surface is essential. The cleaning process must remove mineral oils, organic oils and greases as well as traces of chemicals on the surface. It must remove oxidation which might interfere with the metal coloration or plating adhesion and it...

Tags: | Surface Manipulation | Plating & Electroforming |

How much of a difference does cut make in a gem's value? - By Suzanne Wade

Imagine, if you will, two colored stones. Both exhibit good color. Both are relatively inclusion free. Both tip the scale at about the same weight. But one was cut better, and it's simply more beautiful. Should you pay a premium price for it? Conventional wisdom holds that the answer is yes....

Tags: | GemBiz |

Foredom's TX Flexshaft - By Mark B. Mann

When manufacturing and repairing jewelry products, rotary equipment is essential to the process. Nothing is more frustrating or potentially damaging to the task than equipment that offers less than smooth, reliable and strong performance. The Foredom TX flexible shaft is capable of delivering this...

Tags: | Shop Machines | Stone Setting |

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