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[833] 950 Palladium: An Overview of Casting
With the jewelry industrys acceptance and increased use of new 950 palladium alloys for jewelry design and manufacturing, its fundamental to have a general understanding of related casting procedures. In this installment of the 950 palladium jewelry manufacturing series of articles, Teresa Frye, president of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology shares an overview of her companys 950 palladium casting procedures and gives insight into the scientific approach they have undertaken to improve results.... (2006)
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[973] Tips for Casting Palladium
Some manufacturers jumped at the chance to work with palladium a few years ago, when it made its way into the jewelry industry spotlight. A cousin of platinum, palladium´s color and pedigree won the hearts of casters who were willing to give it a chance. Today, it´s making inroads as a bridal metal, with some manufacturers turning to it as a pure white alternative to white gold.... If you are considering adding palladium to your repertoire, ensure success from the start by following these casting tips from industry experts.... (2011)
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